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Vehicle: Bicycle: Anti-theft
Anti-Theft Quick Release   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Anti-Theft Quick Release Wheel

After going to lock my bike up and seeing someone's wheel sitting there, locked to the stand, no bike in sight, I came up with this idea.

The Anti-Theft Quick Release Wheel would be like a regular quick release, but would have a hole, similar to a locker, to put a padlock or combination lock into. This would protect your bicycle from amateur thieves and deter more skilled thieves from your bike, so they will find an easier bike to steel.
-- -----, Mar 25 2005

Self-Locking Bicycle
[-----, Mar 25 2005]

I understand that a thief with the right tools could break this, but it is probably safer than a bike with bolted-on wheels.
-- -----, Mar 25 2005

maybe they could make a bike whereby you had one key for it. you insert the key, whereever it goes and it released a panel on the side of the crossbar, from which you pull a super strong lock to wrap around lampost. this lock clipped back into position in the hole in crossbar and you close the hatch. the key could also perform the primary function you mentioned and make all your quick release ites (wheels, saddle) un releaseable. good idea methinks, i hate carrying around my lock for my bike and the wheels and saddle lock would be a great all in one solution. yippee!
-- Mikeynyuk, Mar 25 2005

oh shizzer, i see, its been invented....oops, cousetheyave
-- Mikeynyuk, Mar 25 2005

//someone's wheel sitting there, locked to the stand, no bike in sight//

Maybe it was an impossible wheel?
-- finrod, Mar 25 2005

mikeynyuk: This sounds great. If baked, can you link for us?
-- sophocles, Mar 25 2005

How's this....the pedaling action charges capicitors. When the quick release for the wheel is operated without disarming the system, the capacitors discharge into the thief and an alarm is sounded. Not a new idea, I'd wager, but the quick release trigger may be.
-- normzone, Mar 25 2005

[sophocles] I think that [Mikeynyuk] means what's in the link.
-- -----, Mar 25 2005

cool link.

I think the essessence of this (your) idea is different, and better, which is that we should be able to make nearly every quick-release lever be "lockable". Ideally, rather than put a separate, heavy lock on it, build it into the quick-release internal mechanism, and use a key.
-- sophocles, Apr 04 2005

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