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Complete the sentence!

Inspired by the aunty mutter. So now you have a device that translates the muttering into something understandable, but what if they never ever finish the sentence? Often find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the person to finish their thought? This makes a perfect gift for your aging parents.

This device has two features: 1) an audio amplifier, as often the sentence is complete but just muttered at too low a volume. It senses decreasing audio volume and amplifies to compensate 2) an electric prod that is activated only when the person trails off to an unintelligible ending. As the user becomes accustomed the pavlovian response will actually train them to complete sentences instead of being prodded.

It will be fully compatible with Aunty-Mutter technology.
-- rbl, May 24 2002

the inspiration http://www.halfbake...idea/Aunty_20mutter
a really handy device if you think......... [rbl, May 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

You just need to find your soulmate or identical twin, and then you can finish each other's...
-- pottedstu, May 24 2002

of course the ultimate is when you can just sit there and say nothing at all, since you already know that they know you already know what they were going to say.
-- rbl, May 24 2002

...dinner, and not worry about whatever granny's talking about.
-- yamahito, May 24 2002

What if the shock kills 'em off, and they were telling you about some hidden fortune stash, located in the city of Neaaarrrgh...
-- RayfordSteele, May 24 2002

so the scream caused by 2. will possibly burst your eardrums because of 1. why have I given this a croissant?
-- po, May 24 2002

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