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Headlight Reflector System

When headlights are turned on your vehicle, the AntiBrights photosensor aimed parabolic reflector homes in on source. If the candlepower exceeds a predetermined threshold, the built-in laser rangefinder measures the distance to the source and a microprocessor directs a focused beam of reflected headlight in a narrow pattern where the offending vehicle’s windshield is calculated to be.

The microprocessor is preprogrammed with a database of headlight configurations including intensity, number and type of head and signal lights, distance between them, etc., to insure accurate aim for all manner of vehicles. A dashboard mounted control alternately focuses and defocuses the reflected beam to transmit driver selected Morse code signals from a databank of messages such as .- ... ... .... --- .-.. . or simply .. -.. .. --- -

Even if the Morse code is indecipherable to the driver of the offending vehicle, the flashing effect is similar to the widely known though occasionally ignored signal of flashing one’s own headlights, providing a second and somewhat more easily deciphered message. Microsecond response times catch offenders early and reward them instantly for lowering their high beams by disabling the Anti-Brights immediately when the offending source is dimmed.

Front OEM AntiBrights are mounted as dual headlights; aftermarket versions are mounted as a pair of accessory driving lights. Rear OEM AntiBrights are concealed in the side mirrors, which flip open when the photo-sensor is triggered, revealing the reflector apparatus. Rear accessory AntiBrights are mounted as auxiliary backup lights or as side panels to the tag holder.
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