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Product: Alarm Clock: Extreme
Arise-o-Pest   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Inflatable item of loathing.

Would you stay in bed with a large prickly spider, or a foosty smelling Maggie Thatcher? How about a hairy, corpulent Ron Jeremy, or a drivelling, racist John Howard?

Arise-o-Pest is an alarm device that forces you out of bed. At the selected time in the morning a valve releases air from a compressed air container that inflates your Shelob / Maggie / Ron / John, that had lain flat and folded all night down the middle of the bed.

The Arise-o-Pest is made from very strong vinyl and realisticly painted. It *will not* go down for eight hours, no matter what you do. (after eight hours, a small compressor starts and draws the air out, pumping it back into storage)
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 16 2005

The NYC unions use a giant inflatable rat for their protests http://www.zentropo...york/images/rat.jpg
You could borrow that, maybe. (When I first saw it, I thought it was street art.) [DrCurry, Dec 16 2005]

In Bed With Maradona - Yikes I'm out-a here pronto ! +
-- xenzag, Dec 16 2005

I can imagine this title being said by a evil Lord in a black cloak, summoning forth a huge cockroach from the depths of Hell.

"Arise, O Pest!"
-- dbmag9, Dec 16 2005

//It *will not* go down for eight hours// Anyone should be so lucky.
-- fridge duck, Dec 16 2005

I'm not sure I would want any of those characters to 'go down' anyway, thanks all the same. </cheap juvenile response>
-- Salmon Of Doubt, Feb 24 2006

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