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A day of asinine

recently, one exsasperated comment from a user "Man, what is this, asinine idea day?" ----------- (name with-held), May 01 2003

gave me an idea....

The idea is to have an


You might say "every day is asinine idea day around here" ...... It may let everyone "Get it out of their system"

so becalming the way to less turbulent waters ahead.

OR will it???
-- peter2, May 02 2003

where did asi9 go - I miss his witty remarks.
-- po, May 02 2003

ermm i'm going to edit the idea again jutta. I didn't mean any harm, Please let me know if i do any better, or worse.
-- peter2, May 02 2003

point taken.

The post is still issued sincerely , I see it as a way of lightening up that's all.

I acknowledge your concerns. It would require management. You can't just say " go for it do anything no matter how stupid ." And as you say, or imply, the cleanup could be tedious
-- peter2, May 02 2003

// I just think you're killing a joke he made by repeating it and taking it too far. //

Agreed. It wasn't even funny when I said it.
-- waugsqueke, May 02 2003

-- jurist, May 02 2003

And I was quite obviously wrong anyway. _Today_ is asinine idea day.
-- waugsqueke, May 02 2003

*Every* day is.
-- thumbwax, May 02 2003

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