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Ass Tray   (+15, -10)  [vote for, against]
It's not an ash tray, it's a butt hole!

This is an ash tray shaped like a human posterior. It is a piece of fine ceramic craftsmanship, complete with two fleshtoned cheeks and one centrally located hole.

To use the Ass Tray simply rest your unfinished cigarette in the ass crack on either side of the hole, so as the ashes fall into the hole. When finshed with one's cigarette, drop the butt into the hole to witness gases emerging from within!

When your Ass Tray is filled to capacity, simply turn it upside down over the toilet to dump the built up butt-load.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

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[Shz, Jan 28 2005]

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[robinism, Jan 29 2005]

I don't believe that putting lit tobacco into one's rectum is related to the meaning of the phrase "blowing smoke up your ass." [+] I know too many people who would rush out and buy one of these.
-- contracts, Jan 28 2005

It's fine to pun,
about one's bum,
when the tally shoes positive bun!
This debate, I think I've won.
Oh no! Anal retention!
((Not uncommon in London)
(where [.......] is from)).
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

The ass is the butt of the joke
So whether you smolder or smoke
Please, please do not call it a bum
As bumming a cigarette, chum
Has meaning to other good folk
The ass is the butt of the joke

-- theircompetitor, Jan 28 2005

I think it's fair to say
that this idea's here to stay.
The novelty, while juvenile,
is not, by MFD, reconciled.
It's an original invention idea
about a useful ceramic rear.
-- contracts, Jan 28 2005

Shell Silverstein would be so proud of you boys.

I think this is a hilarious idea. [+]
-- Machiavelli, Jan 28 2005

A poet I am not

But I'd like to say,

to dispose of a butt

for one of these I'd pay. [+]
-- Pericles, Jan 29 2005

love the category, btw, [cuckoo]
-- jonthegeologist, Jan 29 2005

A baker called [cuckoo], frustrated,
By trolling attacks unabated,
Refused to give in,
So buns he will win,
For the ass-tray he baked is now feted. [+]
-- wagster, Jan 29 2005

Reading this, I can barely contain my excrement.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 30 2005

"hee hee!" my cigarette's an ass rammer!
-- robbie the rocker, Apr 07 2006

Three cheers for the fully furred version! Hip Hip Hairy!!
-- bungston, Apr 07 2006

Oh no. That means the smell of burnt hair mingled with tobacco.

Is the hair reinstallable, or one time use?

I can't believe that I asked that question.
-- normzone, Apr 07 2006

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