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Augean Gutter Cleaning System   (+7, -2)  [vote for, against]
Divert water to clean out mess.

Currently your bath water just drains uselessly away when you pull the plug out of the bath. However, with a flick of a switch the Augean Gutter Cleaning system will pump the water up to your roof where a series of high power nozzles power-blast it into your guttering in order to keep it clear of constantly accumulating debris.

Only skilled experts should be used when installing the system however as badly calibrated or ill-directed nozzles could cause damage to the guttering that you are trying to keep clean, thus throwing the baby out with the bath water.

This idea care of the Home, Sweat Home project.

-- DrBob, Jan 08 2008

http://www.greywater.com/ [pertinax, Jan 08 2008]

Looj http://www.irobot.com/sp.cfm?pageid=354
Robotic Gutter Cleaner with Remote Control [csea, Jan 09 2008]

This is similar to real-life grey-water recycling.
-- pertinax, Jan 08 2008

Well yes, re-using 'greywater' is not an original concept but it's the application that's unique (hopefully).
-- DrBob, Jan 08 2008

Well that would be far too sensible.
-- DrBob, Jan 08 2008

where does *sweat* come into it? oh, I see. what a horrible image.
-- po, Jan 08 2008

I do, I can assure you.
-- po, Jan 08 2008

I just saw graywater as being something you water the lawn with, maybe pour it over the house in summer some for some evaporative-cooling effects and feed the ivy.
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 08 2008

Gutters full of sticky soap scum? Bathwater into the storm drains? A graywater pump system to maintain? No, thank you. [-]
-- baconbrain, Jan 08 2008

Would this work with the Contrablution idea?
-- skinflaps, Jan 08 2008

Long ago, I used to have to carry laundry water out of the house and dump it on the gravel driveway. My grandmother used to throw her dishwater into her yard. Both left icky messes. If a park has bathwater on it, I'm not going.

[UB], are you proposing that bathwater be pumped up into the gutters, then collected again and pumped yet again? No matter where it's sprayed, the soap will wind up in a river, unless biodegradable soap is required and the system is designed around it.
-- baconbrain, Jan 08 2008

An alternative gutter cleaner [link].
-- csea, Jan 09 2008

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