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Where your ears are your eyes.

Before entering the special section of the art museum, all visitors are given a blindfold, a cane, and a plastic cone to put over their head. The blindfold takes away their vision; the cane allows them to move about freely; and the plastic cone, when placed over the head horizontally, limits their hearing to whatever is directly in front of them. Once everyone is blindfolded and beconed, they enter the exhibit.

To the eye, the arrangement inside might seem sparse: there is no visible art inside the rooms, but just a few electrical speakers placed along the walls every ten feet or so, with small raised partitions on the floor to guide the canes of the spectators. However, once the speakers are turned on, everything changes. Each speaker continuously plays a carefully composed audible collage of audio loops, snatches of music, individual words, and glissandos. Each visitor to the exhibit is blinded so they can fully appreciate the unorthodox beauty of each work of "art", and they can only hear one at a time due to the cones on their heads. The pieces of "art" in the exhibit are not works of music or paintings, but something different altogether.

The last room in the exhibition opens directly into the Smell Section.
-- DrWorm, Dec 26 2009

I like this. It reminds me of [lostdog]'s Invisible Ninja Sculptures for the Blind.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 27 2009

The blindfold and cone could be replaced with a light sealed room and directional speakers.
-- xaviergisz, Dec 27 2009

Will there be pinball?
-- jutta, Dec 27 2009

Probably not. But there might be karaoke.
-- DrWorm, Dec 28 2009

Presumably some local conceptual artist will be on hand to photograph or otherwise record the shuffling, beconed visitors?
-- ryokan, Dec 29 2009

Already baked.. it's called "Street Musicians" as you walk through a busy city.
-- Jscotty, Dec 29 2009

the good doctor gives it away with his careful use of quotation marks around "art". maybe he should also have used them on "unorthodox beauty" and indeed "Dr".
-- notripe, Dec 30 2009

//Will there be pinball?// Wouldn't you also have to be deaf and dumb to do that properly?
-- pertinax, Dec 30 2009

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