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Voice-activated "silent radio" signs for your car!

Merging the ubiquitous Silent Radio display -- several rows of LED lights that flash brief messages -- with voice-to-text software, we could send other drivers immediate, precise messages that, until now, we can only communicate through gestures!

I imagine the display panel could be flex-forms type of plastic material that easily mounts on any car window.

Activate the device, then dictate a message...

"Auto-Talker engage: If you get any closer, I'm going to slam on my brakes and cash in!"

...and the message is instantly displayed for your tailgater to see.

Of course, you could also have pre-set favorite phrases that can be recalled by an identifying number... "Auto-Talker engage D4", to display: "Follow me for a good time."

Imagine the possibilities...!
-- danrue, Jun 27 2000

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Rear Window Messenger
The Hammacher Schlemmer catalog sells something like this, but it only has "Thanks", "Sorry", and "Help" - no custom messages. [dist, Jun 27 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I think this is a pretty good idea; I had something similar.

My idea was more of a walky-talky type thing, where you could talk to the people in front of or behind you (if they were equipped with the device as well- this is where your invention is superior), so that if you need to tell them that their blinker is on, or if you need directions, etc.

I think the problem with the LED display would be that it takes up too much of the back window, and might be too distracting if you had to watch what the message scroll across.

Otherwise, very interesting :D
-- chimmyc, Jun 27 2000

I like this idea. It could be dodgy if it were engaged accidentally. Not too sure what other motorists would think if the following message was displayed...

", careful babe, CAREFUL! This road's bumpy so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BE CAREFUL!!" :)
-- MrTheRich, Jun 30 2000

It would be better if it were some kind of graviton laser that you could point at the other car and vibrate it in such a way as to make the frame or windows produce sound waves that would allow the other driver to simply hear what you are telling him! Use your fscking turn signals you farmer!
-- QDerf, Jul 07 2000

Can't you write the message on the windshield of the other car with a laserbeam?

-- rrr, Aug 02 2000

How about writing the message on the forehead of the other driver with a laser beam? Keep the lettering backwards so the poor schmuck can read it in the rear-view mirror once the smoke clears, though.
-- BigThor, Sep 06 2000

BigThor -- you must really have a big head if you think that the average driver can actually see their forehead in their rearview mirror.... or maybe you have extra mirrors available just so you can keep track of your head?
-- pathetic, Aug 24 2001

This is a great idea that I have wanted for a long time.
-- bspollard, Dec 09 2002

I too, have wanted this for a long time. I like the "voice-to-text" idea. That makes things better.
-- funp, Jul 10 2003

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