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The taps stop when the bath is full

A small sensor inside the bath's overflow pipe. If it senses water passing -- the taps stops releasing water until a 'reset' button is pressed.

Leave your bath running - don't worry, it won't overflow and you won't waste water.
-- britboy, Apr 23 2004

Ondine's ESS Tub Control http://houseandhome...athroomgadgets.aspx
An automatic bathtub featured on MSN's cool bathroom gadgets. [tchaikovsky, Oct 17 2004]

Why can’t baths work like washing machines? Set it for a big load with a hot wash, and then walk away. Wouldn’t that be nice? Why do you have to stand there like a Cro-Magnon, feeling the water while it fills. It’s just all so primitive.
-- ldischler, Apr 23 2004

I used to live in Bath. When I started to enter anything beginning with 'b' in a submission field while using a web browser it would auto-fill "Bath".
-- snikrepkire, Apr 23 2004

You could retrofit the faucet with a device like the float in the toilet tank. It doesn't require any electronics and gives your guests something to talk about.

The float could be removable and the faucet should stay closed when the float is removed. That way you can keep the kids from unauthorized bathing. A float coated with bristles could double as brush for a delightful back scratching.
-- kbecker, Apr 23 2004

Those damn clean smelling kids.
-- swamilad, Apr 24 2004

I had the same idea today, but you beat me by a year. I think a timer-based control would be cheaper than a sensor-based one, though.
-- drzeus, May 09 2005

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