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Auto-find music   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Finds music playing .. even specific styles .. to avoid annoying DJs

OK this radio looks for patterns it associates with music .. such as a constant beat. I mean - like -- all over the different stations. Then tunes to that music IF IT IS'NT presently playing music. Of course this mode is optional in the radio.

So when the music you're listening to finishes and the brain-dead DJ starts talking .. the radio thinks 'hold on .. I've got a 100bpm beat over on 'disco FM' I've known about for a few seconds .. I'll tune to that.

So you just end up with music. No DJ. Of course you may start listening half way through a song so it's not perfect but at least no more DJ.

Also you could program it to recognise things like specific BPM so if you're into certain styles of music it could make a pretty good guess at what you're after.
-- britboy, Feb 20 2004

Put it on a 3 second switch pattern. Go on. Do it.

"...these little town lets dance silhouetta of a man go shorty fuck the pain and they drive an ice cream van..."
-- calum, Feb 20 2004

Great except a lot of dj talking is done with stupid grooves in the background.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 20 2004

two words: satellite radio
-- theircompetitor, Feb 20 2004

Should be possible to start recording the acceptable songs so they can be heard in their entirety., when the current song ends. Like a music capacitor.
-- popbottle, Jan 15 2014

I use KCRW Eclectic 24 to manually load my Grooveshark queues. Not exactly an automated process though.
-- normzone, Jan 15 2014

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