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Freak the Thief and Drive Home Drunk

You just realize your car has been stolen. Bummer

But wait, this is where the fun begins!

Head for your Nintendo or whatever your game unit is and take control of the vehicle. Give the would be thieves a ride they won't forget.

Have the pertinent systems of the vehicle (steering, gas/brake, radio, door locks) telemetried back to your game system and live footage will be provided via onboard cams located in various entertaining and driving critical areas.

Front, side and rear cameras provide the situational awareness so you can expertly pilot the vehicle. Onboard cams provide the entertainment as the would be thieves are locked in and forced to listen to the music of YOUR choice.

The ride ends as you alert the police your car will be dropping off the perps at their jailhouse door.

But wait, there’s more….

Also can be used when you are too drunk or tired to drive, or just plain don’t want to. Call into the auto-drive service with waiting banks of certified, highly trained remote drivers and leave the driving to them.

Just provide them with the secure SATCOM identification of your vehicle and they will take over and get you to your destination of choice.
-- dag, Oct 21 2002

Remote Windscreen http://www.halfbake...remote_20windscreen
Very close to this idea, it would seem [krelnik, Oct 23 2002]

sp: thief
-- bristolz, Oct 21 2002

That sounds kinda kool, but I can't believe home video game systems have interfaces spohisticated enough to allow for the piloting of a real car (pedals, gear shifting apparatus, etc.). Correct me if I'm wrong...
-- snarfyguy, Oct 21 2002

Its all well and good that the felons would be charged with auto theft, but I would not want to be liable for any accident that might happen en-route, while giving the thieves "the ride of their lives". They get grand theft auto, you get vehicular manslaughter. I'll pass.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 22 2002

If it walks like a theif and steals like a theif, it's a thief. Sorry bristolz, never happen again.

[snarfyguy] Home game systems have the pedals and controls they just do not have the data links. Many current operational unmanned vehicles are run (some fully autonomous) using of the shelf simulation software from a notebook. Not a giant leap by any means.

2 fries, If you don't care for the liability, then the system could autonomously deliver the bad guys to the police itself. Or just lock them in, hopefully long enough for the police to find them.
-- dag, Oct 22 2002

That I like. Locks them in and alerts 911, or whatever is the emergency phone # in your neck of the woods, with an automated message, and leave the line open to be traced.

Off topic, but the cops in the States leave out "dummy" cars that run out of gas within a within a block, and lock theives in.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 23 2002

Knowing the temper of some people who anno here, I'd expect to find a lot of car thieves suddenly "committing suicide by driving off cliffs" should this system ever get baked.

If any of you feel up to buying a DVD, you might look at the special features section on "The Island."
-- ye_river_xiv, Sep 30 2007

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