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Bra with inertia reel straps.

Like seat and shoulder belt systems that allow some freedom of movement as long as it is below a certain speed. e.g. bra shoulder straps and back bands that allow just the right amount of bounce but automatically become tight if things get out of hand. So to speak. Automotive systems vary including electrically tightening or even explosive gas systems. Some sensors tighten the belts before a crash or even when accelerating as when engaging in evasive maneuvers. Bra manufacturers would have several options, of course.
-- cudgel, Nov 06 2014

This is quite almost remarkable. [+]
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2014

no more bouncy bouncy ?
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2014

As per the above 'just the right amount of bounce', adjustable, of course. I often see women around here on horseback and although thrilling in some cases to watch I cringe to think of the damage being done to beauty.
-- cudgel, Nov 06 2014

ok [+].

The system could be active as well - adding bounce under certain circumstances.
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2014

Yeah, using those systems that track where your eyeballs are aimed. When an audience is detected bounce could be initiated.
-- normzone, Nov 06 2014

// women around here on horseback //

The damage is therefore self-inflicted, and they are entirely undeserving of sympathy or concern. Anyway, they're clearly insane, so why bother ?
-- 8th of 7, Nov 06 2014

// women around here on horseback //

The damage is therefore self-inflicted, and they are entirely undeserving of sympathy or concern. Anyway, they're clearly insane, so why bother ?
-- 8th of 7, Nov 06 2014

Erm, are we not overlooking the merits of the custard-filled bra?
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 06 2014

You might have to develop a different sort of training bra. Something to measure the forces and provide a preview of fit and feel for the customer.

And a shaker chair or phone booth to administer know force shocks to ensemble.
-- popbottle, Nov 07 2014

I have some really nice Shaker chairs at home, but I'm not sure how they'd help with this idea
-- hippo, Nov 07 2014

So when you buy one now at the best shops, they should test for natural frequency. Spec out optimum damping %, cup size, and spring rate.

Be sure to reach at least critical stability in any actively-managed system prototypes. The last thing you want is to induce too much excitation.
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2014

It should be possible to limit/increase elasticity of one strap and use that strap for both shoulders but I think you would want control of the space between the breasts as well for maximum comfort. I think you'll need two governing units one between the breasts (or controlling a VERY low friction drawstring to the front) and the other in the middle of the back. They don't need to be particularly large. They just need to reel in or play out string. Natural bounce can be relied on to give slack for the reeling in part.

I think I can design a prototype for $100,000
-- Voice, Nov 08 2014

How much of that budget is for preliminary field experiments?
-- pocmloc, Nov 08 2014

I would start with water balloons. Sorry to disappoint.
-- Voice, Nov 08 2014

//I would start with water balloons. Sorry to disappoint

Difficult to match the same dynamic of being under the skin...and presumably very difficult to stick balloons onto a flat board.
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 08 2014

In case of imminent crash, would the bra attempt to move the breasts around to the back to avoid collision with the steering wheel or dashboard? I would think some modicum of safety such as this should be standard equipment. Of course, the breasts would have to undergo a bit of pre-stretch training prior to this safety feature being deployed...

I foresee a cottage industry springing forth! Instuctors! Manipulation Assistants! The first graduating class, proudly walking up to the podium to get their diplomas, breasts fashionably draped over their shoulders!!

Oh, and (+)(+). Dang, I got so caught up in the moment I nearly forgot those little babies.
-- Grogster, Nov 10 2014

(Grogster) I think you did get caught up in the moment and strayed from the basic idea which is for an everyday wearable bra that allows comfort but restricts excessive, damaging, and uncomfortable movement. I' m sure some testing will need to be done and your input could be useful. Watch for job openings.
-- cudgel, Nov 10 2014

-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 10 2014


Missed it by THAAAAAT much...
-- Grogster, Nov 10 2014

+ I could use this!
-- xandram, Nov 10 2014

Input from the ladies most welcome.
-- cudgel, Nov 10 2014

//Input from the ladies most welcome

Most unlikely...this thing is more of a male item of interest. You have to admire the irony of those who don't have them, are the most interested in them.
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 10 2014

//Input from the ladies most welcome.//

Careful, [cudgel]. You don't want to go patronising the ladies - you know what they're like.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 10 2014

[MB] //know what they're like// Like, they're dangerous and don't come with instructions?
-- cudgel, Nov 10 2014

Well you know, being born a female, we have the same breasts as males at a young age. Then something happens that we don't really understand (they start growing) and we don't really get instructions on boobs except for Mom saying "don't let the boys touch them"'s scary you know. (or just so you know!)
-- xandram, Nov 11 2014

//"don't let the boys touch them".

Now you tell about other girls?
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 11 2014

[not_mrm] // //"don't let the boys touch them".// Now you tell about other girls?// - What do you mean? "Don't let the boys touch other girls" or "Don't let other girls touch them"?
-- hippo, Nov 11 2014

-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 11 2014

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