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Get rid of the entries you don't want

Autocomplete is a useful feature, which I find particularly useful when I need to enter my email address into a form. However, if you mistype something, autocomplete remembers it and you have to look at both entries carefully to choose the correct one. It would be nice to have a plugin that added an X next to each entry so you could delete it, or gave right-click functionality to delete.

This could also be useful for entries that would be embarrassing if anyone else saw them.
-- marklar, Dec 30 2007

That's just poor programming. IE and Outlook offer autocomplete and both allow you to delete entries from the cache.
-- phoenix, Dec 30 2007

Opera has this.
-- dbmag9, Dec 30 2007

[dbmag9] Well she should share it with the rest of us.

[phoenix] I can only find an option to delete the entire cache in IE, not individual entries. I don't have the other programs on this PC, so I can't check them.
-- marklar, Dec 31 2007

// Don't let the poor program. Reserve the activity for the rich.
Ian Tindale, Dec 30 2007
Opera has this.
dbmag9, Dec 30 2007//
Yeah! but we all know that Opera is the preserve of the rich, anyway.
-- gnomethang, Dec 31 2007

You mean they spread her on toast and eat her for breakfast?
-- theleopard, Dec 31 2007

Yes, yes they do. With bees.
-- marklar, Dec 31 2007

Why else would she back Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton is severely lacking in B's.
-- 4whom, Dec 31 2007

[phoenix] Microsoft doesn't have an editor for the NK2 (Outlook's autocomplete database) file in Outlook, what do you use?
-- MisterQED, Dec 31 2007

In Outlook 2002, when typing a name or e-mail address, the application will offer suggestions based both on my various address books as well as people I've e-mailed before. If there's an entry cached that I don't want in the autocomplete list, I just arrow down to it and press delete. IE 7 has similar functionality in its search box.

Neither is held up as a final solution, only that the technology exists and is implemented. I agree that if a program is going to cache everything, it should give you the tools to control the cache.
-- phoenix, Dec 31 2007

[phoenix] I just used, it and it's exactly what I need. Shame it's not more obvious, but hey, neither is the CTRL+ENTER function.
-- marklar, Jan 06 2008

Who'd have thought it, it works (in Firefox) in any autocomplete suggestions for any text box. This fixes when I've forgotten a username for a particular site, tried them all, and then know that the next time I forget it will suggest them all... you live and learn.
-- TheLightsAreOnBut, Jan 06 2008

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