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As I've mentioned before, I make chainmaille. This involves bending little rings open and closed and weaving them together. After a while, this can get very tiring, not to mention damaging. so I propose a new type of pliers.

At first glance, it looks like the letter 'Y'. There is the handle, and the two gripper parts, I forget what they're called right now. In the handle, there's a small motor connected to the grippy things. When you press a button, the pliers close.

It might also be a good idea to have them close with different degrees of force, just so you don't crush anything. And, have a set with cutters instead of pliers.

*goes back to cutting*
-- finrod, May 01 2005

Hydraulic Pliers
"to nibble away at concrete," so scratch the not crushing anything. And not exactly one-handed, either. [DrCurry, May 02 2005]

// might also be a good idea to have them close with different degrees of force //

Aren't these called Vice Grips?
-- Laimak, May 01 2005

Vice grips are pimps, Vise Grips are plier-like tools from a Nebraska company of the same name.
-- bristolz, May 02 2005

Google appears to recognize the generic "vice" spelling, for what it's worth.
-- DrCurry, May 02 2005

Not much. It's a trade name.
-- bristolz, May 02 2005

A more home oriented version than the hydraulic link would be wonderful.
-- normzone, May 02 2005

Yeah, but vice grips would take a lot more trouble, wouldn't they?
-- finrod, May 02 2005

Well, a saw would be easier than hand cutting, but you can't very well take a saw with you on trips and such. It's really rather a moot point, as this idea is more about pliers.
-- finrod, May 02 2005

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