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Mobile phones should have a feature where every conversation is automatically recorded on the sim card (or in phone memory) for future reference. When full just auto-overwrite the oldest one. Could be very handy for checking where you were supposed to meet, or used for evidence when receiving abusive calls.
-- simonj, Jul 25 2008

Can We Tape?
This would be illegal in some states, legal in others. [jutta, Jul 25 2008]

Total Recall for S60 http://www.killermo...for-s60-devices.htm
[jutta, Jul 25 2008]

The SIM card doesn't have enough memory on it, but this is totally doable on the phone - and would be tremendously useful, as well as a privacy nightmare.

The software could record every call, then save it after the call, encrypted with a password they configured independently, only if the user explicitly confirms they want to.

For some phones, recording software exist as an add-on. See link.
-- jutta, Jul 25 2008

[+] and [+] for [Jutta’s] links.

I typically don’t need such a device except when I am dealing with people who have a vested interest in cheating me. Then, such devices can be highly effective.

Living in a boarder state with a F350 4x4 Crew Cab Diesel means your vehicle makes unscheduled trips across the boarder. It also means you must deal with insurance companies more than normal.

When dealing with insurance companies, they take recorded statements in addition to their sworn written statements and collecting those given to police (police reports). The only objective I can see is to catch people in lies (likely a problem) and perhaps intimidate them.

Sadly, I discovered insurance companies (not all) tend to lie all the time in an attempt to intimidate but think they are doing so with impunity. They are acting under the misconception that one must be told they are being recorded. There is nothing more effective that playing a conversation back to their supervisor to reverse an illegal trend.
-- CwP, Jul 25 2008

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