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Finally, the war on tonality has ended

Tired of glissando? Do the swooping sweeps of the swanee drive you insane?

Fear not, for the antidote to atonal antics is here!

The autotune slide whistle, an invention the musical world has been crying out for, is simply an ordinary slide whistle, but with a protruding plastic part. A series of detents in the plastic are spaced at logarithmic intervals. A semi-rigid tab on the handle snaps into the plastic part, locking the lever to concert pitch.

The tab could be rotated to re-enable the portamento, or perhaps the handle could be flexible enough that a simple deflection could temporarily bring back the sweeping effect during a performance.
-- mitxela, Oct 27 2018

render attempt [mitxela, Oct 27 2018]

Brilliant idea and great illustration, but I'd make the notches a little "softer" if that's the word. So it woudn't snap into tune so much as slide, being that it's a slide whistle after all.

So more like waves than notches.
-- doctorremulac3, Oct 27 2018

I would be inclined to agree. However, triangles were easier to model.

It also occurs to me that instead of notches, it could have magnets, which would pull you towards the nearest note.
-- mitxela, Oct 27 2018

That's cool too.

Or you could stick with your notches and have the plunger be attached to a rubber band if that makes any sense.

So you slide quickly to a notch, but it takes the plunger a moment to follow while the rubber band stretches and contracts.
-- doctorremulac3, Oct 27 2018

Since the trombone is continuously variable, yet is capable of tuneful virtuoso performance either in an orchestra or as a solo, it seems reasonable to infer that the problem with off-key slide whistles is yet another case of "The piano player, not the piano".
-- 8th of 7, Oct 27 2018

Cool illustration. (+) <adds glissando and detent to lexicon>
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 27 2018

Is there not going to be a bag-pipe version? Extra rewards if the answer is affirmative.
-- xenzag, Oct 28 2018

Affirmative - there is not going to be a bag-pipe version.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 28 2018

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