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Since most people ignore most of 'em anyway

Your Uncle Nutsy has noticed that the United States has many many many "awards" TV specials, awarding the year's supposedly-notable events in music, television, movies, and the like.

These shows typically have two related features:

1. They go on far too long; and
2. They're dull as dirt.

However, most shows have a few moments that might actually qualify as interesting- sentimental returns of retired old favorites, Canada-bashing musical numbers, popstresses wearing bandaids as dresses, incoherent drunken celebrities falling down, anything with Roberto Benigni, and the like. In addition, once in a blue moon, someone might say something cool.

So, at the end of the year, some academy (the Golden Raspberry Foundation?) should decide on the best awards shows in various categories (i.e., "Best ability to stay remotely on time," "Most gratuitously revealing wardrobe," "Best appearance by Roberto Benigni"). Then announce those results, separated by clips of the least boring things from that year's awards shows.

That way, you could get a year's worth of awards shows in 90 minutes.
-- Uncle Nutsy, Mar 05 2001

Golden Raspberry Award Foundation
Offers a yearly award to movies, actors, actresses and directors who reach new levels of bad. [Uncle Nutsy, Mar 05 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004], 25 April 2001 http://www.idea-a-d...playDate=25/04/2001
Later, not as originally worded, but basically the same idea. [jutta, Mar 05 2001]

They do have an Emmy award for Outstanding blah, blah, blah for a Variety or Music program which includes many, many award shows.

Then there is always the Ace awards for those award shows that are on cable. :)
-- pnewp, Mar 05 2001

Sort of like a 'Talk Soup' for award shows. Doesn't Joan Rivers have something like this on E! ? (Maybe she only delves into the fasion side of things)
-- blahginger, Mar 07 2001

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