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Using perversion to finance dental work

There are enough people in this world that get off on enough weird stuff that it might be possible to revamp the world of dentistry. Imagine if the dentists office was similar to the dancer booths at some of the adult establishments out there. That is, you would have a room surrounded by windows that would turn transparent when money was placed into a slot. A person could elect to have his or her surgery done in this room for a reduction or elimination of the costs. They would get the surgery and the dentists could stand to make more money than he would have performing the surgery at cost to the patient. This sort of entertainment would appeal to the sadist crowd and could save a person huge amounts of cash when it comes time to get dental work done.
-- photojunkie, Mar 02 2004

You mean like in "Little Shop of Horrors?"

"She said, 'Yooouuu wil be a DENTIST, my son!'"
-- Eugene, Mar 02 2004

Just imagine the savings in proctology...
-- TerranFury, Mar 02 2004

Well, I'm all for oral... hygene...., but don't you think that a lot of diseases could be transferred through this system?
-- WordUp, Mar 02 2004

I can see the sadism, but masochism requires the 'victim' to enjoy it; and where's the bondage? I can't vote for this until all the elements are in place.

Would you get further fee reductions if you screamed and writhed in a faked but convincing manner? Somebody who just sat there and took it without even wincing would soon have the audience asking for their money back.

Sadist: someone who is kind to a masochist.
-- English Bob, Mar 03 2004

There's a dentist here in town who has his whole office themed like Star Trek... the office is like the Enterprise, and everyone wears Star Fleet uniforms.

I won't know how to vote on this idea until I figure out which one of those is stranger.
-- zigness, Mar 03 2004

//I won't know how to vote on this idea until I figure out which one of those is stranger.//

If anyone in the office has face appliances to look like a Klingon or Vulcan, then the Star Trek dentist is stranger.

PS. When you get a tooth drilled, does the dentist set his phaser to "Novicane"?
-- GenYus, Mar 03 2004

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