Product: Christmas Decoration
B&H Advent Calendar   (+8, -4)  [vote for, against]
Open a window, have a smoke.

Some possible calendar names;

Three Wise Men ride a pack of Camels,
Soverign, Frankensence and Mhyrr,
The King of Jews loves Royals,
B.ethlee & H.em,
The Lord will Lucky Strike you down!
Mary, the Golden Virginia.
-- theleopard, Nov 25 2006

UK Tobacco industry
[Ling, Nov 26 2006]

B&H Photo/Video in New York http://impressive.n...9/16-12-18-med.html
A picture of the store DrCurry and hippo are joking about. It's one of my favorite stores, ever; not just for the relatively low prices, wide selection, and reliable service, but for the amazing transportation system that spans the ceiling, and for the employees dressed about 1/3rd in full Hasidic garb. On Jewish holidays, even their *website* closes. [jutta, Nov 26 2006]

B & H Albion,,10433,00.html
[DrBob, Nov 27 2006]

For the non-smoking and/or non-UKers. [theleopard, Nov 28 2006]

For [TahuNuva] Cigarettes_20for_20kids
<lights fuse, ducks and runs for cover> [theleopard, Nov 07 2007]

Ah. I was hoping this had to do with cameras. -
-- DrCurry, Nov 25 2006

Players (on words) Please +
-- xenzag, Nov 25 2006

Fairy Lites.
-- Ling, Nov 26 2006

in fairness to idea, is it not a bit more interesting than just a list of puns, although it does contain this, and some of them are not bad? The idea of opening each advent window, then smoking the indicated cigarette is original - come on - defend your idea like a man/mouse/woman [theleopard]
-- xenzag, Nov 26 2006

is the smoke puffed out at you or do you poke the cigarette out of the window to smoke it? can't picture this one at all.
-- po, Nov 26 2006

[jutta] This is more than the puns, although since the tiny fragment of idea is to combine two widely available products this may not help it much. Still, + for making me laugh.
-- stilgar, Nov 26 2006

My apologies for not explaining the idea fully, it's simply an advent calendar which contains cigarettes rather than chocolates. I know a great many smokers that would appreciate a festive smoke in the morning rather than a low-quality sub standard choccy bite.

The puns came naturally afterwards as I pondered the various Tobacco companies and the names they might don to their respective calendars.
-- theleopard, Nov 26 2006

//Ah. I was hoping this had to do with cameras.//

Same here - and I was all ready with some retort to the effect that B&H would be fairly unlikely people to celebrate Christmas very enthusiastically.
-- hippo, Nov 26 2006

So not about my local football team then? Oh.
-- DrBob, Nov 27 2006

[hippo], why not? Can't camera manufacturers celebrate the birth of baby J as much as the next company?
-- theleopard, Nov 27 2006

Hanukkah'ta clue?
-- zen_tom, Nov 27 2006

Oh right. Course.

I am... a spaz.
-- theleopard, Nov 27 2006

Herald in the new-born SuperKings.

-- theleopard, Nov 28 2006

Glad to hear it, [theleopard]. I have recently been born again as a Spaz and and I'm looking for other Spaz's to worship with.
-- wagster, Nov 28 2006

Do we believe in some kind of afterlife?
-- theleopard, Nov 28 2006

When five or six of you die, the leftover bits get stuck together to form a new person?
-- imaginality, Nov 28 2006

Like a thetan?
-- twitch, Nov 29 2006

Or old soap bars.
-- theleopard, Nov 29 2006

Just in case I'm not the only one. I had no idea what both B&H and Advent Calender were. (+ after I figured it out.)
-- Zimmy, Nov 29 2006

I hate it when I can't come up with puns because english is not my mother tongue : (

Still, bun. Too funny.
-- Pericles, Dec 01 2006

Yeah....I'm an anti-smoker..... But it is kinda funny. I think of a person, smoking the month's fancy cigar/cigarette, looking at their nifty calendar, and grimly counting down the days of their existence. They don't care, they've got a cigar! Yaay! Did I say grimly? I meant cheerfully! And chokingly.... Well, I'll change to neutral, then I'll become Emperor of the World and outlaw smoking. Merry Christmas!
-- TahuNuva, Nov 06 2007

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