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Who really needs the reminder?

Just recently I've noticed a correlation between "baby on board" signs, and idiot drivers. Why should I back off someone's bumper*, if they're driving dangerously to begin with?

Thing is, if you're a bad driver, putting your kids into the car won't change this. For such drivers, a timely reminder on the front windscreen might do as much to promote safety as the rear windscreen sticker does.

I propose an IR sensor on the front bumper, a speedo monitor, a small processor, and a windscreen projector from the dash, which projects a "baby on board" message onto the windscreen in the driver's peripheral vision, whenever the driver is too fast, or too close to the car in front.

The projector could be replaced by a "baby on board" recorded message, maybe a recording of the driver's mother-in-law, or just a bleep.

*The obvious answer is, "to avoid an accident". I'm just trying to imagine the mentality of a driver who has just been cut up at three junctions in a row etc.
-- Fishrat, Jul 20 2004

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Well I'll be danged. [Detly, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

This is why one should always leave their gun on safety while driving.
-- thumbwax, Jul 20 2004

If someone has a baby on board sticker in their rear window, I don't try harder not to crash. I always set out not to crash, baby or no baby. All they serve to do is irritate people.
-- kuatolives, Jul 20 2004

I've always thought they were to alert the emergency services should the worst happen. Maybe the boundless optimism you need to become a parent in the first place would lead you to believe that the message might also deter tailgaters, but I doubt it. And why should anyone find them irritating? You don't HAVE to read them. Unless you're too close, of course...
-- egbert, Jul 20 2004

I have no idea what the purpose of the 'baby on board' sign is. I suspect I am not alone.
-- benjamin, Jul 20 2004

I always thought they had the purpose described by [egbert] and [Tabs], after hearing some similar story described in the link.
-- Detly, Jul 20 2004

I've always read "baby on board" as a warning to other road-users that the driver may, at times, be distracted.
-- st3f, Jul 20 2004

As far as the emergency services legend goes, I'd have thought that the presence of a baby car-seat would make it pretty obvious that there may be a baby around somewhere. I assume such car-seats are mandatory everywhere (at least in countries where you find the yellow signs).
-- benjamin, Jul 20 2004

//a speedo monitor//

!!! An interesting innovation, but one that is hardly relevant to your idea...
-- GutPunchLullabies, Jul 20 2004

//if you were involved in an accident in the dark, the emergency services would know to search the car and the surrounding area for another victim.// Maybe some one should (half)bake a glow in the dark Baby on Board sign?
-- Fishrat, Jul 21 2004

"300 Million Dollar Lawsuit On Board"
-- phundug, Jul 21 2004

You just wake up from a coma or something? I haven't seen one of those signs since the early 90s..
-- Mr Burns, Jul 21 2004

The American dream, bugger someone to hit your car then sue them for enough money to retire in Tobago.

Seriously, seeing babies die enclosed in cars every day is enough reason for me to set off as many alarms as possible checking those vehicles out for absent-minded drivers' kids left inside. Only one child saved is worth all their inconvenience and embarassment.
-- dpsyplc, Jul 21 2004

These were popular here back a few years, along with "Honor Roll Parent" stickers, as if this made any difference to other drivers. If it mattered they could require your IQ to be included in your licence plate number. That would give people something to think about.
-- oyea6, Jul 21 2004

Just goes to show how the Brits are way behind. I haven't seen a BOB-I'm an idiot sticker in years.
-- ldischler, Jul 21 2004

"If you can read this... you're too British" Mind you, considering how nostalgic people get at the drop of a hat, I'm not sure that being //way behind// is such a bad thing.
-- Fishrat, Jul 22 2004

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