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Product: Experience Media
Backwalker’s Visor Hat   (+6)  [vote for, against]

The problem with walking backwards is that you can’t see where you’re going.

The solution is a visor cap consisting of an external camera on the rear head strap which can plug into your iPhone’s lightening port or your Android phone’s USB port. Your phone attaches to the front of the visor and hangs in front of your eyes, providing a screen to see where you’re going, when you’re walking backward. When you’re done walking backwards and want to head back where you came from, just flip up the visor and refocus your vision to the path in front of you.
-- swimswim, May 29 2022

Not even vaguely related ... Reading_20while_20walking
[normzone, May 30 2022]

This is the best walking backwards idea I have seen on this site in the last half hour [+]
-- pocmloc, May 29 2022

//lightening// good because otherwise the weight of the phone might unbalance the device
-- pocmloc, May 29 2022

Pretty pointless [+]
-- Voice, May 29 2022

Is there a walking upside down on hands version?
-- xenzag, May 29 2022

Xenzag, just flip the visor upside down and snuggly (but not too snuggly) wear it around your neck so the phone dangles in front of your eyes while you’re upside down.
-- swimswim, May 29 2022

Useful for when we need to walk things back [+].
-- pertinax, May 30 2022

+ Great idea and a bun for the word *backwalker*.

(Not someone who walks on your back, that is another kind of backwalker)
-- xandram, May 30 2022

I am a huge fan of people who walk on your back, and have paid much money for it. Especially around audit time each year ...
-- normzone, May 30 2022

Kinda redundant with the phone's front facing "selfie" cam, don't ya think?
-- 21 Quest, May 31 2022

21Q, our engineers had the same thought as you, but when they tried it, the backwalking tester’s head blocked a significant portion of the path behind them, creating a dangerous blind spot. In fact, we lost several test subjects to open manhole covers when testing that method out.
-- swimswim, May 31 2022

That sounds less like a camera issue and more like a manhole cover planning problem.
-- normzone, May 31 2022

It’s a dangerous world, normzone, with ineptitude everywhere you look. I know — I’ve contributed a lot of that ineptitude to the world.
-- swimswim, May 31 2022

I'm not good enough at spatial reasoning to answer this question for myself:

If you are using a backwards-walking visor, does it help more the have the video mirrored L- R like a selfie camera, or no mirroring at all?

Riding a bike backwards is easier if you cross your arms. Same same, or different?
-- not_only_but_also, Jun 01 2022

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