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If you’d like to show someone how much you really love them, then send a BaconGram today.

Call in your order to one of our BaconCenters and soon your loved one will be receiving a full pound of cooked bacon, wrapped in decorative, absorbent paper, packaged in a plain brown bag with your message of love handwritten on a paper napkin.

We deliver to most locations.
-- xandram, Oct 06 2008

Believe it or not - this dea has been done before http://web.archive....con_20Fax_20Machine
[hippo, Oct 06 2008] [hippo, Oct 06 2008]

Can I get mine taped to a cat instead?
[jutta, Oct 06 2008]

(?) for [Jinbish] I found this office with the Pig Man...
[xandram, Oct 06 2008]

(?) for vegetarians... http://www.iateapie...lightlife_smart.php
[xandram, Oct 07 2008]

you know what goes good with bacon? croissants. [+]
-- jaksplat, Oct 06 2008

use a fax machine!
-- po, Oct 06 2008

[po] very clever
-- hippo, Oct 06 2008

*I* never said via fax machine! This is a real personalized delivery!
-- xandram, Oct 06 2008

//*I* never said via fax machine!//
But if it isn't, how will you ensure that the received bacon was *exactly* as sold to the sender?
-- coprocephalous, Oct 06 2008

Could I have some real fit courier person in a bacon vest?
-- po, Oct 06 2008

[po] What like this? (see link)
-- hippo, Oct 06 2008

yes, but a male one
-- po, Oct 06 2008

//But if it isn't, how will you ensure that the received bacon was *exactly* as sold to the sender?//
you can fax us your customer satisfaction survey, but [po]'s would go to a different department...
-- xandram, Oct 06 2008

Presumably not Muslim or Jewish or vegetarian... heehee.
-- jetgrrl, Oct 06 2008

[jutta], thats one, weird, sick and very disturbing link ..... the bacon isn't even cooked .....

[+] for the idea, by the way, [xandram]
-- 8th of 7, Oct 06 2008

Would you send this via the Pork Office?
-- Jinbish, Oct 06 2008

'swine and roses.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 06 2008

That's just offall...
-- hippo, Oct 07 2008

[xandram]: Thanks! It's not very day that someone puts up a link just for me. Golly, that's just swill!
-- Jinbish, Oct 07 2008

A pound of Ireland's finest is on it's way to you [xan].
-- wagster, Oct 07 2008

//what about vegetarians?//

Well yes, it would certainly be more humane and romantic to send a vegetarian wrapped in absorbent paper rather than a bit of dead pig.
-- DrBob, Oct 07 2008

//what about vegetarians?//
It would be really stupid to send one of these to a vegetarian...
There are already fruit arangements, chocolates or other things to send to vegetarians!
(unless they have a craving for some meatless fake bacon--oh yeah FAKON) [see link]
-- xandram, Oct 07 2008

// human flesh tastes just like pork. //

It does. Trust us on this. Kebabs to die for .....

// vegetarians //

Tofu. Nailed to a cat. With a BIG nail .....
-- 8th of 7, Oct 07 2008

There is such a thing as vege-bacon. It's an hilarious idea to create a replica version of bacon strips, only using non-meat based products. As I don't eat any meat, it has become a favourite of mine. Can I therefore have a vege-bacongram in return for this croissant? +
-- xenzag, Oct 08 2008

Why of course, sir. If you look up at the links, I have already supplied one for vegetarians!!

...and Thanks to [Ian] we now have our own international delivery plane! cool!!
-- xandram, Oct 08 2008

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