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A "Your Idea Sucks" Alarm

I don't like being fishboned. I just don't. Nobody does, really, and it's hard for a twisted genius like myself to pick my ego up and dust it off after being unceremoniously downgraded because of some people just don't understand brilliant ideas like the Rent-a-Baby Daycare.


But, in order to alert 'bakers that maybe the world isn't yet ready for them, why not a small little alert that pops up on your user description whenever an idea gets an exceptionally bad score?

I don't post a lot of ideas, but if I did, it might be nice to have a little thing show up, right below my handle, that says, "The following ideas of yours have received 10 fishbones in the last 24 hours" or some number of bones and some number of hours. That way, I could instantly see who's been crushing my pride, and plan their demise.

Or fix the idea.

One or the other.
-- shapu, Aug 03 2004

10 Bones in 24 hours http://www.halfbake...s_20in_2024_20hours
Not sure if that will work. Never got the hang of posting views. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

ambient orb http://www.ambientd...t/orb/orborder.html
could program this to alert you [xclamp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

You can do this using views.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 03 2004

I perzoom that you could build such a client for yourself using the available RSS feeds.
-- bristolz, Aug 03 2004

That's what I thought, too, but you can't set it to alert you separately if an idea or number of ideas is voted to be bad a certain number of times within a certain time frame.
-- shapu, Aug 03 2004

True, you have to do some things yourself.

There's your view (link). Prolly won't work, I suck at those. I imagine you'll need to save it. (Say there jutta, there oughta be a way to view views without that whole saving thing. In a perfect world and all.)

The link reports 0 ideas currently meet your criteria. (I presumed you meant ideas that have gathered 10 or more bones in the first 24 hours of existence.)

Which is not to say there aren't new ideas that suck.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 03 2004

you could program an ambient orb (link) to glow different colors depending on whether your idea was boned or bunned. they make a developer's kit so you can monitor whatever you want.
-- xclamp, Aug 03 2004

To save an anonymous view that works independent of your account, don't give it a name, and click [OK]. Nothing bad will happen. You will not get jettisoned into empty space just for lacking a name. Instead, you'll end up in that view. The URL in your browser's address field will look complicated, because it'll contain the whole recipe for reproducing the view rather than just a name. Cut-and-paste that URL into your [link], and voila.

To get the corresponding anonymous view for one of your named views, go to that view, click on [edit], go down to where you enter the name, and delete the contents of that text field. Then click [OK], and use the resulting URL. Nothing bad will happen to your old view. You're not changing your old, named view; you're just making a new one that looks just like it, except without a name.

To get help with stuff like that, send e-mail to <bakesperson@halfbakery.com> and ask.
-- jutta, Aug 03 2004

Well, after setting up [waugsqueke]'s view, I have finally seen an idea that received 10 bones in 24 hours, but that doesn't really solve the problem that I had suggested.

My desire was to see an alert that appeared in your own userlookup (mine would be halfbakery.com/user/shapu) with a little line, below your name, that read "Your following ideas are faring poorly: x."

The problem, as I see it, with setting it as an independent view is that I'm not sure how many people care about other person's ideas when looking for the truly bad ones, as opposed to trying to get their own to fly.
-- shapu, Aug 06 2004

Great link, [xclamp]. It looks like they're still working on the "monitor anything" part of it. Shouldn't be that hard.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 06 2004

[shapu] - I think the problem here is less in the technical design of the site, more in your reaction to bones. I have recently posted a couple of badly received ideas, I wish people had liked them but they didn't. One was actually a good idea and everyone else was wrong about it, the other wasn't so great and I felt a bit of a fool for posting it after reading the anno's. Anyway, just 'cos you've been boned doesn't mean your idea's no good, just that folk don't get it. Even if it is bad, that doesn't really say anything about you personally, so don't let it get to you :-)
-- wagster, Aug 06 2004

PS Sorry, just boned it. Didn't like the scary 'demise' bit. Don't look for me, you won't find me.
-- wagster, Aug 06 2004

//You will not get jettisoned into empty space just for lacking a name.//

Well, you're certainly friendler than those damned Vogons.
-- Detly, Aug 07 2004

Not that I like your idea, but you say you can't handle the bones... [+]
-- pashute, Feb 11 2011

I'm glad people keep finding old ideas, be they mine or others.

(BTW: This IS a bad concept [-])
-- shapu, Feb 23 2011

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