Halfbakery: Filtering
Bad Idea Warning   (-1)  [vote for, against]
Run a simple search on new ideas to identify "risky phrases"

When posting an idea, a simple word and phrase search is run on the text looking for "potentially problematic concepts". If any are found, a confirmation page appears, explaining that some of the concepts used in the idea may be in violation of the rules of the HB, or blatant pseudo-science, and do you really want to post this idea? Some suggested words and phrases to look for:

Genetic (and genetically, etc.)

Wouldn't it be nice if

Everybody should


FTL/Faster than light

(any recent movie title)

I'm sure there are more things people can think of. This wouldn't actually prevent people from posting ideas with these words and phrases in them, but it would make sure that people are aware they may be treading on thin ice, and hopefully some people will realize they are making a mistake.
-- 5th Earth, Jun 27 2004

Um... This sounds to me like censorship. I think the MFD tag does the job well, as it lets people speak their minds.
-- Pericles, Jun 27 2004

maybe just a 'confirmation' screen that pops up with a description of the mfd tags. would require less programming i would think.
-- xclamp, Jun 27 2004

This isn't censorship. All it suggests is a warning that certain terms have been used...
"Are you sure you really want to post *another* paintball/car hybrid idea?", or "Are you aware that Scientists have been exploring light speed for many years, and do you really think you can succeed where they have failed using an old car engine and a mag lite?"...
As I see it, this would still allow the poster to post what they want, but would make them aware of potential problems.
That said, I'm not voting either way, but i disagree that this is censorship.

-- MikeOliver, Jun 28 2004

Pericles, how is this censorship? It's a confirmation screen, not a ban. You can still post anything you like.
-- 5th Earth, Jun 28 2004

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