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Bakers Age   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Put a bakers age on their page, so we can see if someone was actually born yesterday

Find an average amount of time a half bakery account stays up.

Call that amount of time 70 years (arbitrary value for the average length of life - a more accurate one can be looked up)

Put a piece of code in which tells people how old their half bakery persona is.

This way we can actually call the regular bakers 'old timer' at least with some conviction
-- miasere, Apr 10 2003

I was born tomorrow.
-- roby, Apr 10 2003

Happy birthday
-- miasere, Apr 10 2003

What of idiots who delete themselves?
-- my face your, Apr 10 2003

Premature death - which occasionaly leads to re-incarnation
-- miasere, Apr 10 2003

Born-again bakers?

Let's see, I've been here about a year. That would make me about 30 years younger!
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 10 2003

Given that the account creation date is already right there on the account page, explain again why this is necessary?

(I'm in favor of the opposite suggestion - removing account creation dates. They evidently have nothing to do with maturity or anything else worth counting.)
-- DrCurry, Apr 10 2003

I'm only in favor of that if the user _elects_ to hide their account creation date. I think account creation date is a useful piece of info.
-- bristolz, Apr 10 2003

//I was born tomorrow.//

Old granddad!
-- pluterday, Apr 10 2003

-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 11 2003

Instead of account creation date, I've often wondered if it wouldn't be useful to know the actual declared age of each contributor on an idea. As an example, if I were to annotate this idea it would be signed "_jurist(50)". Now, I'm not expecting everyone to be entirely truthful, and some weeks the ideas expressed herein are juvenile enough that I'd be a bit embarassed to admit my relatively advanced age , but for the most part I think this would be a lot more useful to know than the date of the last time I created an account (especially since my current account doesn't accurately reflect the extent of my experience in the grist mill). If some indication of actual age, however, was indicated next to an annotator's or poster's name, I might be inclined to give that writer more encouragement if, for example, the idea was very complex and the writer was very young, even if the notion was derivative or patently unworkable. Or an older writer who didn't type very carefully might be given some special dispensation against pedantic criticism on the premise that an old dog isn't going to learn new tricks by public embarassment. And university age folks who don't know "there" from "their" or "Google" from "goggle" can be hoisted upon a spit and roundly roasted, just because we expect better of you slackers.
-- jurist, Apr 11 2003

42>43 15th of 9.
-- thumbwax, Apr 11 2003

please do not!
-- po, Apr 12 2003

please don't - sometime its the idiots left that look stoopid!
-- po, Apr 12 2003

I could be mistaken, but was not the poster of "idiots who delete themselves" one of them? I know he got a new name. I took that as self-deprecation, not as a general opinion of those who've deleted their accounts.
-- half, Apr 12 2003

Absolutely correct, half. I am an idiot.
-- my face your, Apr 12 2003

Mmm, I've seen a lot of online databases where the users apparently never age. If you're trying to give people some idea of maturity based on years spent on this earth, you ought to post their birth date.

People are more likely to be honest about birth date, they won't have to exactly admit to their age, and freaky stalkers will need to do a little math to figure out actual age.
-- ye_river_xiv, Oct 06 2006

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