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Balderdash Scrabble   (+10, -6)  [vote for, against]
Players must provide a definition for each word they play

I did a brief search and didn't find any mention of one variation of Scrabble we sometimes play.
There is a game here in Canada (US too, I guess) called Balderdash where folks write down a meaning for a word nobody knows and you have to choose which one you think is the right one.
We sometimes play Scrabble whereby you can create your own word (obviously going for maximum points) as long as it sounds like a word, not gobbledygook, and you can come up with a plausible meaning for it. If the meaning you give is not acceptable you have to remove the word and you lose your turn. For example, if I could place something like "zinquer" bridging 2 triple word squares I could score something like 200 points as long as the rest of the players agree that it means "an electrolytic plate used in the process of applying layers of zinc on steel" or some such thing. If the consensus says no, I pull the tiles off and wait for my next turn to come around. It is in the best interests of all players to approve words because what goes around, comes around.
For those whose imagination is less prodigious than others we do allow real words to be played in order to speed things up, but there have been times when we have literally fallen off our chairs laughing at the strange words and even stranger definitions that have been presented.
-- Canuck, Dec 05 2004

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Balderdash Scrabble with sex-related definitions. [jutta, Dec 05 2004]

Let me be the first to say that this idea is most contabulous.
-- spiritualized, Dec 05 2004

I read the name as 'Boulderdash Scrabble', where somehow making words allows you to grab diamonds and getting it wrong makes a load of rocks land on your head.
-- Belfry, Dec 05 2004

The problem with this is... in Balderdash, there is always one definition that is the correct one, which would not be the case in your example.
-- waugsqueke, Dec 06 2004

Cupboardy - Being cupboard-like.
-- oneoffdave, Dec 06 2004

...Baldersquabble... used all my letters...scored 465 with that one...I win!!
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 07 2004

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