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It's a single large, round, colorful latex balloon. It has a protrusion, which you invert over the top of your head. Wear it as a hat.
-- Amos Kito, Feb 01 2008

This guy almost has the right idea, but... http://www.usatoday...-08-11-clowns_x.htm
... Balloon Hat fits around the crown of the head. You don't cover your face with it. [Amos Kito, Feb 01 2008]

Artist's Impression #2 http://www.villageh...edia/condom-cap.gif
[DrCurry, Feb 01 2008]

How does it stay on? The normal thing for a balloon to do would be to invert the piece around your head and drift off. It's under pressure, after all.
-- jutta, Feb 01 2008

No fair, making me think.

Envision a little balloon-animal style of balloon, but it's not fully inflated. This leaves a loose end (often used as an "animal tail"), something like the one [DrCurry] posted of myself in that link (after assurances that the photo was for PRIVATE USE ONLY). The same kind of semi-inflated bit is molded into an otherwise spherical balloon (I'd like it to be a large balloon about 1 meter in diameter). Molded so the hat part is roughly head-sized at proper inflation. It fits like a rather snug elastic band.

Which brings us back around to the question of whether or not it will stay on. I don't know.

--Edited Feb 01 2008 at 9:55am:
There's a way to use an ordinary large balloon. Invert a bowl (plastic cap), and stretch the nozzle over it. That would make a more comfortable hat which could be sized and secured to the head.
-- Amos Kito, Feb 01 2008

//How does it stay on? // Attach corks to it in the traditional Australian manner, but without first removing them from the bottles. That should hold it down at least 'til you get thirsty.
-- pertinax, Feb 01 2008

Warning! Your hat must NOT be used as a flotation device!
-- Canuck, Feb 01 2008

balloons don't *have* to be filled with helium. I remember the days when you blew them up orally so to speak.

try filling one with custard for a more weighty solution although previous experimentation has confirmed that the rubber is compromised very quickly.
-- po, Feb 01 2008

Pray tell, dear po, what circumstance led you to experiment with filling a balloon with custard? Or was it indeed a rubber? And did you think to try one of those shiny mylar balloons?

Or is this a private matter?
-- Canuck, Feb 01 2008

well, it was my birthday and we'd had a few and one thing led to another...
-- po, Feb 01 2008

I reeeeeaally want to see a custard filled balloon when you let go of it and it flies around the room going fluurrrrrurblblblb lblblblbll urururupp!
-- wagster, Feb 01 2008

Gonflable bobble hat.
-- skinflaps, Feb 01 2008

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