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Band Aid solvent   (+2)  [vote for, against]

To be applied when the bandaid is ready to come off, the solvent permeates the holes in the bandaid and renders the adhesive ineffective, easing the bandaid's removal.
-- simonj, May 21 2009

similar idea http://www.allegrom...e-8-oz-p177428.html
[xandram, May 21 2009]

Available at most pharmacies. Isopropyl alcohol. Mmmm.
-- coprocephalous, May 21 2009

<dm>Great idea, sometimes those concerts just go on, and on, and on...</dm>
-- zen_tom, May 21 2009

Use of such a solvent defeats the object of applying the "band-aid" or sticking plaster.

It is a well known fact that the purpose is to teach kids about irony, by applying something which will later cause more pain than the original injury.
-- Twizz, May 21 2009

What about soapy water?
-- Jscotty, May 21 2009

Make dissolvable bandaids that come with a removal kit - and can be dissolved without the pain.
-- DIYMatt, May 21 2009

Encapsulate said solvent in time release capsules, and disperse these in the adhesive, so the band-aid just comes off easily after, say, 24 hrs.
-- daseva, May 21 2009

Now if we could find some way to cause the band-aid to fall off at the most in-opportune moment...
-- MikeD, May 21 2009

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