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DNS/XNS-like service for band names

With the advent of XNS, an open-protocol, open-source naming service, there's an obvious call for BNS, the open-protocol, open-source Band Naming Service. Sure, there must be web sites (please post 'em) that are compendiums of band names, but wouldn't you like to know conclusively, world-wide, when a band name is taken, and even be notified when the band gives it up?

It needs an organization behind it like XNSORG.

If I could, I'd cross-list this under Computer:WWW and maybe Public:Intellectual Property.
-- syost, Sep 27 2000

(?) XNS
Brief description of XNS. [syost, Sep 27 2000]

(?) the fabulous band name generato http://members.lyco.../band_generator.php
[blammo, Oct 06 2004]

The idea is a little tongue-in-cheek, but I will say factually that XNS allows spaces in names. BTW, the XNS link works fine for me. They've apparently been getting tons of traffic since the announcement yesterday, so there may be blips in connectivity.
-- syost, Sep 27 2000

Heres a band name for you: "Kids Today". I'll bet that one's not taken. And no you may not call yourselves "thumbwax"
-- thumbwax, Sep 28 2000

As this isn't yet baked, is there a band called "Eoi"?
-- wagster, Oct 05 2004

Are fees charged for the registering of a name? I can envisage a situation where large multinational record companies hire teams of achingly trendy and otherwise unemployable media studies gratudate scumsacks to spend all day thinking up "cool" bands names, so that they can be registsered on the service. This would, of course, lead to all grassroots bands being called thinks like "Electric Kettle of Woe", until they are signed and assigned a reregistered better name. So, for encouraging even dafter new band names, this gets a croissant.

[blammo], if you want to add a link, use the "link" button underneath the idea text.
-- calum, Oct 05 2004

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