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Enjoy the taste of a fine barbecue anytime!

Now you too can enjoy the taste of a summer barbecue anytime you light up.

Barbecue Smokes combine the taste of a backyard barbecue smoker with fine turkish and domestic tobaccos for the ultimate smoking pleasure.

Available in Mesquite, Applewood and Hickory flavors.

Surgeon General's Warning: Smoking may be hazardous to your health, but damn are these Hickory Smokes tasty! Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
-- Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

Or you could open a bag of barbecue-flavor crisps (chips), and enjoy the taste without having to waste away from lung cancer.
-- DrCurry, Jul 30 2002

Broccoli kills cancer.
-- Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

Maybe if you smoked the barbeque chips....
-- Aurora, Jul 30 2002

You can get those at any smokeshop, bliss.. they've just removed the corn from the cob.
-- Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

Hmm... Broccoli smokes..

Surgeon General's warning: May cause serious gastric upset if taken internally
-- Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

Haven't you heard that chips (crisps) may also cause cancer through acryl amid?
-- FarmerJohn, Jul 30 2002

Hmm... Broccoli chips (crisps)...
-- Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

How much crisp could a crisp chip crisp if a crisp chip could chip crisps?
-- Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

Yes, why not a full spectrum of food flavored fags. Burger Bensons, Matzo-ball Marlboros, and I've heard that the USAF like to smoke Chinese Embassies...
-- General Washington, Jul 30 2002

Why not just put barbecue sauce on an awl and stab yourself in the chest? That's the low-tech way.
-- gootyam, Jul 30 2002

and smoking is high-tech?
-- Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

-- angel, Jul 31 2002

A Chinese couple is in bed. The husband says "I want 69."
His wife says "Why you want Beef and Broccoli now?"
-- thumbwax, Jul 31 2002

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