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Science: Health: Public Bathroom: Hygiene
Bathroom bib   (0)  [vote for, against]
The end of splashback!

A disposable, one-time use paper or thin plastic apron for men. Helps avoid the embarassment of splashing while, uh, washing the hands.

Dispensed like those toilet seat covers, the apron ties around the waist and has an opening or flap for, um, getting tip money for the washroom attendant.

(Sorry about the catagory, but it was as close as I could get and still keep with the spirit of the idea.)
-- phoenix, Dec 16 2001

[Recategorized to Home: Urinals.]
-- jutta, Dec 16 2001

quite right too, men are such babies.
-- po, Dec 16 2001

Please could it have a large rim around the bottom (of the bib) for catching , um,.. all that washing water that spills out onto the bathroom floor and toilet seat.?
-- arora, Dec 16 2001

Just wrap man in Saran when he goes to the can
-- bristolz, Dec 16 2001

can you buy them at Gap?
-- po, Dec 16 2001

Thank you [jutta], though I don't have a urinal at home (okay, the cat's out of the bag - pun not intended) and toilets don't present a problem in this regard.

[arora] Sure, but sounds like there's a larger issue (pun not intended) there.

[po] No. But [PeterSealy] has his mac (whatever that is) already, so he's good to go. And I resent the 'babies' thing, so I'm going over to the corner to sulk until I get more croissants.
-- phoenix, Dec 17 2001

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