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You just ate my carrier!

This is sort of a combination idea of battleship icecubes [link] and i-ching soup [link]

Shaped pasta is easy and marketable. This is why we have alphabet soup, simpsons spaghetti, and even (from a novelty shop here in melbourne) penis pasta. However, what would be a better idea to have floating around in your soup than your own fleet of destroyers, carriers and submarines.

The thing which would separate this from other shaped pastas is the fact that each type of craft would have different properties. The carriers could have small pasta planes on the top of them, the submarines could be made of a denser pasta so that they are actually submersed in the soup and lurk under the other ships.

Maybe, a soup bowl which is segmented into a grid could be used and battling soup eaters could "fire" croutons at each other's arrangement, thus making a game of battleship while enjoying some tasty pasta. (and yes, my mother did tell me not to play with my food :) )
-- reap, Dec 10 2002

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chilli con carnage
-- pangolin, Dec 10 2002

Excellent, idea!!!! may the Croissant be with you...
-- Micky Dread, Dec 10 2002

Great idea. Croissant.
-- Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Dec 11 2002

Look out! They've just scattered crouton mines!
-- Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 11 2002

from one of the google searches: "Deeft ich emohl eier Metzelsopp vesuche?"
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 11 2002

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