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Tenting solutions for a tucked-in world.

I am cursed with big feet. Coupled with my slender limbs and penchant for wearing short shorts, this makes any shoes I chose look ridiculous. That is not the issue at hand today though.

Further to having big ol’ size 12s (or size 11s to UK shoe size devotees), I live in a relatively cold climate. As such, my bed blankets are normally tucked in firmly around the perimeter of the bed, as not to let any precious heat escape from my slumber cocoon. The combined effect of these factors is that I am not able to sleep on my back, as my toes and ankles cannot comfortably support the taught blankets with my feet in the customary vertical position.

Enter the Big Boots branded Bed Blanket Buttresses. Soft and plush over a structural skeleton, these blanket hoisters will give your feet the freedom they so sorely need.

Each Buttress is essentially two plates, held apart by a central column. Insert a Buttress (or two) down under the blankets at the foot of the bed. The Buttress will tent the blankets, giving room for feet to point whichever way they like.
-- Texticle, Aug 03 2005

I thought size 10/11 was about average? Anywho, wouldn't the buttress call for much longer blankets? Since raising them at the bottom means the top will be further down the bed. I can't admit to ever suffering this problem, but then to keep my feet completely covered I need to bend my legs anyway, so I never sleep on my back.
-- fridge duck, Aug 03 2005

Longer blankets sold separately.
-- Texticle, Aug 03 2005

Why not just wear socks to bed?
-- brattleboro, Apr 14 2006

//Why not just wear socks to bed?//

My feet need their freedom, man. They will not let me sleep if they are bound and shackled by harsh rules of the sock people. Besides which, I can't find socks that fit well (size 13.5) so I take them off as soon as I get home. There is no way I'm going to put them back on to sleep. I usually just sleep with the blankets untucked and let my feet roam free.
-- NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 15 2006

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