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Always find the size you are looking for

At my house there is a cabinet chock full of bed sheets. When I go to find new sheets for my bed I always end up pulling out a size that won’t fit my bed and I have to refold them and look some more. I know if I just paid attention to the sheets I‘d know which ones matched which beds by their color or pattern, but I tend to be boring and there are a lot of matching colors and all the beds have solid white sheets. I need some sort of indicator on the sheet to tell me what size it is (twin, double, queen,….). I tried to write on the sheet labels but I have to unfold the sheets to see to it. I need some type of clip to put on the sheet to identify them (hmmm, maybe colored clothes pins) Of course I would not be opposed to an embedded chip that I could scan with a sensor that would tell me the right sheet set…. That would be cool but a little overkill. By the way…. How do you fold that fitted sheet anyway?
-- crabbie, Mar 20 2003

US Patent 7,017,207: Size Identification System
".. for bed sheets and the like"; cites this post (as "Anonymus Internet Article") [jutta, Mar 20 2007]

Have the size information woven into the material using a yarn that is UV-fluorescent. Invisible in normal light, but shine a UV lamp on it and you can tell at a glance. Most laundry detergents use a UV-active component to increase "brightness" but I'm sure a woven-in pattern would still be visible, like a watermark.
-- 8th of 7, Mar 20 2003

How to fold that fitted sheet, anyway:

1) Fold point A into point B. Repeat for points C, E, and G.
2) Fold points B and C across to points I and J.
3) Fold points E and G across to points K and L.
4) Fold points I and K down to points M and N.
5) Fold points J and L up to points O and P.
6) Fold in half, store.
-- beauxeault, Mar 20 2003

A metal electromagnetic strip can be sewn along one edge of each sheet. It's like the security tags in DVDs. You run a scanner over each sheet, and get a display of size, when you last used it, how often it's been washed, etc.
You could just put a little indelible ink mark in a corner of each sheet, but that's no fun.
-- Amos Kito, Mar 20 2003

Beau, I tried that and got a swan.

We thought we'd cracked this problem recently by keeping bed linen in a box/drawer under the relevant bed. Great! However we then found we didn't know which sheets to put in which box after washing....
-- egbert, Mar 20 2003

egbert: A swan?! It's supposed to be a badger!
-- beauxeault, Mar 20 2003

Industrial laundry companies use a single colour coded pinstripe down two sides of the sheet.

In a previous life, I used to be a hotel manager and our laundry company used a red pinstripe for double sheets and a blue pinstripe for single sheets. This made it very easy to select an appropriate sheet when standing in a room full of laundry.

Towels were also marked with bands of a different weave that can be seen when folded.

-- Mayfly, Mar 20 2003

whew! When I stepped in here I was afraid this was some sort of laundering need indicator. And I'm thinking, once a week is fine, But this is much better.
sideways smile for you.
-- ato_de, Mar 20 2003

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