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“My God!”

Who hasn’t once carved their initials into a beech tree? Judging by the scarified trees in parks around here, everyone has. For those who live in the desert and don’t know what I’m talking about, the beech has a very thin and sensitive bark. Sort of greenish-gray. Cut it, and a huge scar eventually develops, accentuated and preserving the initials of your loved one forever.

Tattoo Tape is coated with light adhesive on one side. Press it to the bark of your chosen tree. (You might want to do this in dark, in your neighbor’s yard.) The tape carries thousands of short, chemically tipped pins, arranged in a pattern. Tap or roller them in. Pull away tape and pins. At each pinprick, the irritating chemicals will kill a small spot of bark. Initially they will be nearly invisible, but over the months and years to come, the spots will develop, miraculously, into the face of Jesus.

Of course, other images are available.
-- ldischler, Jun 08 2004

if i were a pen knife salesman I would really bone this idea. but I'm not [+]
-- etherman, Jun 08 2004

Anything to stir up those self-rightous, arrogant Christians!
-- Eugene, Jun 08 2004

How about an Allah range two? it's been a long time since a face of Jesus or Allah found in some food stuff made it into an and finally news item.
-- engineer1, Jun 08 2004

I hope this isn't an attempt to convert squirrels.
-- etherman, Jun 08 2004

//if i were a pen knife salesman I would really bone this idea. but I'm not [+]//

If I were president of the ASPCBT, I would really bone this idea, but I'm not.
-- GenYus, Jun 08 2004

"No Jack, that's a cottonwood. You're tattoo-barking up the wrong tree. Here's one. Hey, check out this face - son of a beech!"
-- FarmerJohn, Jun 08 2004

Hey, scout. Why did you capitilize "athiest?"
-- Eugene, Jun 08 2004

Aw, [tsuka] is being nice to the tree! I'll have to secretly vote this up when he's not looking. : )
-- k_sra, Jun 09 2004

Oh, stop all that beeching... Buns from me.
-- zigness, Jun 09 2004

The face of David Icke on a beech tree
-- hippo, Jun 09 2004

David Icke- now there's a name you don't here much these days, am i right that he is God's goalie.
-- engineer1, Jun 10 2004

Anyone else interested in these tactics could also attempt the mustard seed in the lawn trick. Messages written or pictures painted in mustard seed will gradually grow out in a darker green, becoming visible over a period of weeks. How's about "No blood for oil!" in ten foot high letters on your local hill...
-- wagster, Jun 10 2004

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