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When crossing the road I find it frustrating when there are a few cars coming but not many and you are waiting for the lights to go red and the green man to pop up so you can cross.

Should I run and risk being runover or wait patiently?

A simple solution to this would be a beeper on the pedestrian crossing button which starts beeping slowly when there is a long time to wait and gets faster until it is time to cross.

This would let people know roughly how long they have to wait and will also let people know when the button has been pushed
-- miasere, Mar 17 2006

Or you could have a lcd screen with a numerical countdown finished off with the shrill of a starters whistle.
-- skinflaps, Mar 17 2006

I'm reminded of the Not the Nine o'Clock News sketch of a blind man arriving at a pedestrian crossing, and setting off across the road when a fellow pedestrian's digital watch alarm goes off. [+] anyway.
-- coprocephalous, Mar 17 2006

In Dublin many crossing have large digital countdowns featuring clearly visible LEDs. The crossings also beep continuously, changing in tone to help the visually impaired.
-- xenzag, Mar 17 2006

Drivers might not like it, but if the man is green, you can step on the road and begin crossing. If the man turns red during this time then the drivers have to wait until you've got to the other side.

A more halfbaked idea would be to have the speakers yell at the pedestrians:
"Hurry up! For Gawd's sake, move it Granny!"
-- Jinbish, Mar 17 2006

//Should I run and risk being runover or wait patiently?//

Why chose when you can live in Moscow and do both?
-- jellydoughnut, Mar 17 2006

In Soviet Russia car drives you!
-- miasere, Mar 17 2006

Pagers for transvestites. Great idea.
-- wagster, Mar 17 2006

pssst, that button is just a placebo. Pass it on.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 17 2006

In Washington, DC, some crossings have a countdown timer LED to indicate how long you have left to get across the street. It should be easy to wire them up to tell you how long until you can legally start to cross the street.

There was a pedestrian crossing at my university that desperately needed an indicator of the time until one could legally cross, just as described in the idea. Croissant.
-- baconbrain, Mar 17 2006

What [jamfilledpastry] said.
-- DesertFox, Mar 17 2006

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