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Because I know too many people that are incapable.

Beer should be in the fridge. When several people gather and drink together the dynamic of "losing track" of how much is being consumed comes up. How much you yourself drank and how much everyone else is drinking. There is no bar tender in your fridge. No one keeping track of the beer in the fridge.

This beermath calculator is built into your refrigerator. The handle of the fridge has a biometrics fingerprint scanner. It identifies the different people opening the door to grab a beer. Built into one of the feet of the fridge is a piezo scale, so the computer knows how many were taken (and by who). The beer owner stocks the fridge and sets a limit on how many beers people can have. If someone triggers the software to deny a beer the fridge locks with an electromagnet, and txt messages the beer owner. The parameters for denial are just matter of programming.

I would program it for "don't destroy my bathroom" mode which limits each person to 4 beers an hour.
-- evilpenguin, Apr 24 2008

There is a common phrase in my house. If someone is headed to the fridge they might hear the words, "Can you do me a massive favour?" The massive favour, of course, is to bring back a beer for them. It is very rare that anyone ever goes to the fridge for but one beer for themselves.

So, I doubt this would yield meaningful results.
-- theleopard, Apr 24 2008

//Beer should be in the fridge//
And the idea was going so well up to that point.
Beer should be in the celllar.
-- coprocephalous, Apr 24 2008

//fridge locks with an electromagnet//
I foresee a lot of broken fridge doors...
-- xandram, Apr 24 2008

Doesn't anyone else use their fridge for food?
-- Ozone, Apr 24 2008

Beer is food...
Breakfast, lunch, and then a proper dinner.

As [theleopard] suggests. Someone going into the fridge for a single beer is to be discouraged. Ideally the "massive favour" is only really meant when the fridge-goer has forgotten to say "anyone need a top-up?".
-- Jinbish, Apr 24 2008

Here I thought this was going to be about base-six math.
If Billy has 117 cans of beer, 87 bottles of beer and a half keg from last weekend does he still need to insist on BYOB this weekend? Discuss.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 24 2008

See, I like to have people over at night to party, but also want a presentable place to have family over. If I could c o n t r o l how much my friends drink I might have a chance of keeping the house in order.
-- evilpenguin, Apr 24 2008

not sure it can be done... the number of people/beers consumed is inversely proportional to the amount of time it takes your mother to sit on a beer bottle cap.
-- FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2008

So, you you really want to put a cap on the beer consumption...

Perhaps an RFID reader on the boundary of the fridge (or door, as we normally call it). You could put a small RFID marker on each beer and a transmitter on the fridge could keep you updated, a la stock control. The fingerprint scanner would enable you to identify who's pulling out what.

Only thing is that you won't be able to attribute the amounts drunk to individuals, but you only need it as a guide anyway: some folks get drunk on two, others on 12.
-- Jinbish, Apr 24 2008

Apparently in Japanese etiquette it is impolite to fill your own glass at the dinner table but it is equally as rude to allow your friends' glasses to ever be empty. Consequently, in a frenzy of topping up others' glasses, no one has any idea how much they have had as they are still essentially on the same glass they were on in the first place.

This is the Japanese equivalent of the British: "anyone need a top-up?" Both equally as important.
-- theleopard, Apr 24 2008

"As long as yer up..."
-- FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2008

"While you're there..."
-- theleopard, Apr 24 2008

Alright! Now that's my kind of fridge! (X-ray film in the freezer, all else with the butter).
-- normzone, Apr 24 2008

Why is this being boned? Really, Im asking
-- evilpenguin, Apr 24 2008

Because you put beer in the fridge.
-- angel, Apr 24 2008

Would it help if [evilpenguin] changed the subject to bier in an effort to focus on lagers?
-- Jinbish, Apr 24 2008

// lagers //

Suggested category: Beverage: Equine: Urine.
-- 8th of 7, Apr 24 2008

//Why is this being boned?//

So, with the score at four bones, it looks like two 'bitter' [sic] militants, one person who thinks beer-sharing will sink it, and the auto-boner.

Personally, I'm neutral on this idea, and also on different shades of beer - I'll take anything from tepid Guinness to chilled weissbier, in moderation, but to understand those first two bones you really need to be aware of the deep tribal passions that divide England between warm dark beer and cold blond beer. No, nobody said it made sense, but some people clearly feel very strongly about it. It's a bit like supporting different teams in sport.
-- pertinax, Apr 25 2008

I haven't voted yet, but I can't see this working without the imposition of strict beer-collection regulations emphasising your home's policy of one beer per person per visit to the fridge.

I'd probably rather just go to the pub.
-- theleopard, Apr 25 2008

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