Sport: Disabled
Beer Handicap Rule   (+8, -1)  [vote for, against]
Level the playing field

In many competitive sports, a good player vs. a beginner makes for a bad game. The beginner loses very quickly.

Thus the concept of a handicap in a number of sports, essentially a way to set back the good player to give the beginner a chance at a competitive game.

Handicaps work well in many games, but there are still some important examples of sports where they are not easily applied. For example, my-little-eye, thumb-wrestling or shove ha'penny.

My invention is a way to ensure fair handicaps in all sports. Simply drink the agreed number of chilled beers before starting the game. Beer influences both your physical and your mental ability, making it effective in virtually all situations.
-- vincevincevince, Jan 10 2009

In many instances being under the influence has enhanced game playing ability.
-- Jscotty, Jan 11 2009

This used to kind of exist in darts!. At least my mate cannot play when he hasn't had at least 2 beers. After that his play obeys the law of diminishing returns, as does most people's play.
-- gnomethang, Jan 11 2009

& snooker
-- po, Jan 11 2009

// & snooker// Wasn't Bill Werbeniuk great! - he had a doctors note that said he had to have a beer while playing!
-- gnomethang, Jan 11 2009

we used to call him "rubberneck"
-- po, Jan 11 2009

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