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Food: Beer
Beer on Pump   (+3, -6)  [vote for, against]
On tap is all well and good but we can learn much from the petroleum industry

Both petrol and beer are essential items for most of us to continue our daily lives. Both of them are sold in liquid form, both of them are hazardous to drink before driving, and both of them attract punitively high taxes in most countries.

Unfortunately, it is there that the similarities end.

I'd like to consider one of the differences; the method of distribution. Petrol is not sold in small tin cans. Beer is not issued by a pump at a 24 hour filling station.

Personally, I cannot see great value in selling petrol in small cans, but there are many advantages to selling beer through a filling station pump. This new idea will revolutionise beer because it will:

1) Save the environment by reusing beer containers

2) Permits credit-card purchases of beer 24/7 even in unstaffed or minimally staffed filling stations

3) An additional income stream for petrol stations

4) Opens the possibility of many halfbakery ideas such as 'second fuel tank for beer' and games based upon landing exactly on a round pint mark.

5) Remove alcoholic bums from the city centre and the entertainment areas by attracting them to sit on the pavement outside the petrol station.

Safety would be a worry as it could lead to drinking and driving. This can be easily avoided in unmanned filling stations by requiring that the car's foot brake light remains on whilst filling takes place; making it pretty tough for a driver to fill his own beer due to having to keep his foot on the brake. The mechanism used here would be a simple requirement of an increase in luminosity above a certain level within the appropriate area as measured by a red-filtered CCTV system.
-- vincevincevince, Oct 12 2007

Bar petrol/beer pump http://www.drinkstu...product.asp?ID=1763
For [wags] [skinflaps, Oct 12 2007]

West Bank beer fest
Details of palestinian made beer for [Ian Tindale] [vincevincevince, Oct 13 2007]

No open container here; the boozetank cap is on nice and snug.
-- lurch, Oct 12 2007

That's a very good method of making beer flat. Still - I'd quite like to see beer taps for pubs made like miniature petrol pumps.
-- wagster, Oct 12 2007

If you up the alcohol content you could use it as fuel for the car, too.
-- nuclear hobo, Oct 12 2007

//The mechanism used here would be a simple requirement of an increase in luminosity above a certain level within the appropriate area as measured by a red- filtered CCTV system.// So, setting fire to a gallon or two of diesel would activate the forecourt beer dispenser?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2007

//That's a very good method of making beer flat//

Beer, fizzy-style or traditionally less effervescent, has been delivered through pump-like apparatus for some time. Unless you refer to storing in; which shouldn't be a problem as you would only get a gallon or to share in the evening, and pick up another load the next day.

//So, setting fire to a gallon or two of diesel would activate the forecourt beer dispenser?//

More than likely. The system is a deterrent and not a defence against those wiling to cause criminal damage and wanton destruction just to extract beer. An additional bypass system, and somewhat less of a problem for most, would be a brick propped on the brake pedal a la the clutch of a front-starting car.
-- vincevincevince, Oct 12 2007

Now that's what I'm talking about, [skin]. I may have to install that next to my marvellous hob.
-- wagster, Oct 12 2007

Beerons. Physicists have been researching for years.
-- normzone, Oct 12 2007

//This idea might not be overly acceptable in Muslim countries//

I'm not sure, but it seems that on the West Bank at least, Muslims are rather fond of their beer. See <link> from which I quote "I don't want to say exactly that the Muslims enjoy the beer more than the Christians -- but they do," said Sayib Nasser, a member of the Fatah Party and deputy governor of the local council in nearby Ramallah.

I live in a country with Islam as the national religion and it seems to me that beer does seem to transcend religion, at least in private houses.
-- vincevincevince, Oct 13 2007

Where are all these beer ideas coming from? The HB is getting packed with them, and this idea would make many more. Actually, I think I saw a novelty beer tap attachment like this at a bar. It screwed onto the hose and filled up mugs when the trigger was pulled. Funnily enough, I was talking to some Muslims at the time. They really love their beer.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 13 2007

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