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Take phones and pour beer on them

This is a payphone, installed in a pub. As well as a coin slot, there is a funnel in the top which feeds into a glass jar. To make a call, lift the receiver, dial, and then pour beer into the funnel. The level in the jar will reduce as your call credit is used up. To talk for longer, add more beer.

Expect to use about 50ml of beer for a 10-minute call. Other drinks will also be accepted subject to a minimum alcohol content.

No change given.
-- david_scothern, Jul 03 2010

Microbrews are accepted for local calls, and imported ales for international calls?
-- swimswim, Jul 03 2010

does the beer go back to the barrel in the basement or straight down the drain? one would be unhygienic and the other a waste of beer.
-- po, Jul 03 2010

does the alcohol power the phone call?
-- daseva, Jul 03 2010

does a bear shit in the woods, OOOOOOoppps, I meant does beer need shit in the woods???
-- blissmiss, Jul 04 2010

Methinks patrons might try to add some 'natural liquids' that contain alcohol after hours of sitting at the bar drinking beer.

/aim for the funnel!
-- Cedar Park, Jul 04 2010

I must disagree with 21Q. Beer is a wonderful, wonderful thing. This was proved yesterday at the White Horse in Parson's Green where there was an American Mini Beer-fest on. You guys are getting quite good at it!
-- gnomethang, Jul 04 2010

po - down the drain, alas.
Daseva - No.
Cedar Park - I'd propose putting this at one end of the bar, to make it public and dissuade people from doing exactly that...

Not sure that facilitating calls from people who have spent all their money on beer is really improving the world... but I guess one could at least use it to call a taxi (albeit paying for the taxi would be another matter - maybe this payment system could be expanded to cover taxis too?)
-- david_scothern, Jul 04 2010

Beer would be OK if it didn't contain alcohol. It could presumably be reduced by simmering it for a few minutes.

Spirits should be worth more and there should be an electronic tongue and pipes leading back to the bar.
-- nineteenthly, Jul 04 2010

// simmering it for a few minutes //

Were you aware that there's a special place in Hell for people like you ?

(Unless you're advocating Mulled Ale, which is very nice).
-- 8th of 7, Jul 06 2010

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