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Bellytrap   (+11, -1)  [vote for, against]
A small bear trap for one's bellybutton

To deter people from prodding, poking or tickling you there.

Or to trap very small bears.

Mostly the former, though.
-- imaginality, Dec 01 2009

Belly Button Teeth Belly_20Button_20Teeth
Related idea, but the teeth in that idea are purely decorative [imaginality, Dec 01 2009]

Wet willies http://en.wikipedia...st_of_school_pranks
Definitions of wet willies and other 'favourites' such as chinese burns, frosties, noogies and swirlies [imaginality, Dec 20 2009]

Very small bears.
[tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2009]

I'm bound to approve +
-- xenzag, Dec 01 2009

Are you by any chance troubled by very small bears ?

-- 8th of 7, Dec 01 2009

Hi i! Big bear hug...yup, we fit through.
-- blissmiss, Dec 01 2009

I want the ear canal version. Keep those wet willies at bay.
-- phoenix, Dec 01 2009

Yes, for the ear canal version.
-- rcarty, Dec 03 2009

[phoenix], your ear canals must be of prodigious proportions if you are concerned about wet willies in your ears. I'm reminded of the limerick about the young man from Nantucket...

*After a Google search* Ahh, so that's what you meant. Okay, that's a less disturbing image.

And yep, hi all, I'm dipping my toes back in the HB waters. Where did this year go?
-- imaginality, Dec 20 2009

Would you be so kind as to describe what they are, for those of use who don't want to google that?
-- Loris, Dec 20 2009

[imaginality], you are a couch surfer too? Wahhooo. Me too.
-- blissmiss, Dec 21 2009

What a lovely idea [imaginality], you're very cute. Awwww, coochicooochiOOOOWWWWWW MY FINGER!!!!! THE BLOOD!!!!
-- wagster, Dec 21 2009

That'll learn yer.

Yep, [blissmiss], sure am. I find the mutual trust between random strangers that couchsurfing requires is great for keeping one's faith in humanity ticking along nicely.

Any HBers visiting this side of the world and looking for a spare bed, couch or floating christmas tree are welcome to drop me a line. :)
-- imaginality, Dec 21 2009

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