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Revive 60s sitcoms

Revive the american 60s tv sitcom Bewitched for a new audience in much the same way as The Next Generation revived Star Trek.

Also possibly I Dream of Jeanie TNG.
-- imagooAJ, Oct 24 2000

Jump the Shark
Look up the precise momment when your favorite show started to go downhill. [blahginger, Oct 24 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

There are differences between Sabrina and Bewitched, mainly in terms of character interaction. Most plotlines in sabrina arise through her own stupidity/incompetence/arrogance. The standard plotline in Bewitched has been imortalised in a farside cartoon which contains the following speech buble: "I know, we'll have Endora put a spell on Darren". Or indeed malicious action from any other of Samantha's family.
-- imagooAJ, Oct 24 2000

Cast 'The Church Lady' as Bewitched's nosey neighbor.
Since squeezing a curvacious actress into an asphyxiatingly tight outfit revives a show, let Jeanie's glass bottle squeeze her right into the 21st century.
-- reensure, Oct 26 2000

alrighty then.....
-- lumpysausage007, Feb 12 2005

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