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Big Mute Headphones   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Earpieces are actually a large mute button

Pretty self-explanatory. Much easier than grabbing CD player, searching for volume, than turning it down. Just tap the headphone piece (er, tap the button that is on the headphone piece that's on your ear), and the sound mutes. Push it again when you're through talking, and the sound continues. Its a lot more stylish than turning a dial, too...
-- ghillie, Jul 28 2004

(??) Crappy Drawing http://img.photobuc...llie/headphones.jpg
Meh. I tried. At least its not black and white! [ghillie, Oct 05 2004]

essentially baked http://www.tfortren...m/cobdiigrefst.html
volume control on the side, turn it far enough and it would be mute [luecke, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

*link* Another crappy drawing! I really need to get that scanner working...
-- ghillie, Jul 29 2004

Makes sense... seems a little out of place here really.
-- wagster, Jul 29 2004

Simple. Elegant. Bun.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 29 2004

Hmm. Yesterday morning I was listening through a Schoenberg CD for the first time on the train. Because of the background noise I had to turn the volume up pretty high to hear the quiet parts...and then when something loud happened suddenly it was quite painful. Grab-ear reflex reactions. Would be useful for those moments as well, esp. given the placement of the button.
-- Etymon, Jul 29 2004

Neato, [ghillie] now i can tap my ears as well as my fingers and feet.

And when all is too quiet on the outside I don't sound like a swarm of wasps in a glove compartment on the inside (+)
-- skinflaps, Jul 29 2004

Schoenberg is a perfect reason to have an easily accessible mute button.
-- bristolz, Jul 29 2004

So this has nothing to do with an overweight mime acting out music for you?
-- Worldgineer, Jul 29 2004

There is a type of signal processor called a compressor that amplifies sections of sound with a loud volume, and minimizes the volume of sections that are quieter. A lot of recordings aren't compressed, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned, but perhaps something as potentially dangerous as personal CD players should be equipped with compressors?

It would probably sound crap though, since there are only two audio tracks on a CD recording, so the other, quiter instruments in the mix would be affected.
-- spiritualized, Oct 11 2004

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