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Bigger calendar holes   (+7, -5)  [vote for, against]
Diameter > 3mm

Ever noticed how the holes for hooks in most calendars are so pathetically small? This is really hopeless for people who would rather have a picture hook on their wall than a small nail. So why can't the manufacturers stop being so damn lazy and make them bigger - hole-punching the place for a hook is often fraught with the danger of taking out a bit of that lovely picture.

A new law would be introduced making sure every calendar hole has a diameter of at least 7mm, although that could be a subject for debate....
-- NickTheGreat, Aug 01 2002

Have you considered using one of these... http://www.glassgje...grafikk/binders.gif
... to attach the calendar to the hook? [angel, Aug 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Why do you use a nail when some nice person has invented drawing pins?
-- [ sctld ], Aug 01 2002

Wins my award for the idea least likely to radically alter the geopolitical landscape as we now know it.

Ooh ooh, I see a new halfbakery contest... the micro-bakery. The goal: to come up with the least significant change imaginable that would still affect the average westerner in some miniscule way.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 01 2002

I think it really depends on the publishing company that makes the calendar. a quick check of the calendars in my house show two with large holes and one with a small hole (hanging on a "finishing nail")
-- runforrestrun, Aug 01 2002

If the holes were bigger, wouldn't the vegetables just drop through the bottom when you were trying to drain them?
-- DrBob, Aug 01 2002

Haha! and just wait for my next one...
-- madradish, Aug 02 2002

Sounds like a rant and/or consumer advice.
-- phoenix, Aug 02 2002

No it doesn't
-- NickTheGreat, Aug 02 2002

Yes it does... if you are interested in a idea: How about a special Calendar Hole Drill Kit with the tools required to enlarge and or reinforce the hole in the calendar to fit over the nail? Or a large nail head to small hook adapter?
-- James Newton, Aug 02 2002

<intrusive thought> Must resist urge to say something pithy about ‘a subject for debate’, laws and the a**holes who pass them, and the sh*t mess they leave behind for others</intrusive thought>

I was given a frame for my calendar that is top-loading and supports a fully opened VFW calendar (that reminds me, 8/2, past time to flip -- lovely WI sunflowers) and that I've affixed to the wall by a pair of screw eyes to its frame sides, with flat headed wood screws to hold the rig to a wall. Bonus, its frame covers the silly -->n<-- (wide) hole.
-- reensure, Aug 02 2002

That could be a bonus
-- NickTheGreat, Aug 03 2002

I think DrBob may be confusing calenders with colanders. An inoffensive, forgivable and extremely amusing mistake. But back to the innovation at hand, I think you have a wonderful idea. Perhaps an equally useful one, though, would be to change the shape of the calender holes from an unpractical, ultra-specific circle into a multi-functioning inverted triangle with a small notch in the centre of the top edge. Think about it.
-- Eronel, Aug 03 2002

Building on this further, Eronel, calendars could be sold in different flavours, all with different-shaped holes
-- NickTheGreat, Aug 03 2002

You know, you could just buy a hole punch.
-- bookworm, Aug 03 2002

Okay, okay! It's trivial, I know. Just thought I'd share.
-- Eronel, Aug 04 2002

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