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Halfbakery: Garbage Collection
Billy-goat Cannon   (+9, -1)  [vote for, against]
solve the troll infestation

Everyone knows that trolls hate and fear billy-goats, especially gruff ones. Get a herd of approximately similar size goats, put them in a converted human cannon from a circus and bag yourself some trolls.

Alternatively, use the goats to herd the trolls into an enclosure where they are fitted with (GTR's) sharpened 'pole pants' and they'll die from blood loss when they eventually sit down.
-- chud, Jul 06 2002

How are you going to finance this? Do you think money grows on trees? Oh, wait...
-- polartomato, Jul 06 2002

Platform 6
-- [ sctld ], Jul 06 2002

resarf - credit given
-- chud, Jul 06 2002

traditionally, the way to deal with nit infections, is to comb the wet hair with a special comb which breaks the legs of the adult stage of the pest and so rendering it unable to reproduce. nifty eh?
-- po, Jul 06 2002

i think a comb might be more appropriate to protect the goats from the likelihood of sexual abuse by the less fearful trolls

how about bridge-shaped traps that collapse when they crawl underneath to hide?
-- chud, Jul 06 2002

+ here is quite an interesting and halfbaked idea.
-- xandram, May 13 2010

[21_Quest] Well, goats are famously agile; perhaps they'd land on their feet. It's not as if anyone had ever *tried* this. Alternatively, use cats. (*Booted* cats would be a match for trolls, I'm sure.)
-- mouseposture, May 17 2010

//How are the goats expected to survive this?// By landing on the trolls.
-- nick_n_uit, May 17 2010

// use cats //


-- 8th of 7, May 17 2010

Maybe you could fit the goats with parachutes and/or airbags.

BTW does this troll infestation actually exist? Outside the internet I mean?
-- Bad Jim, May 17 2010

Yes. And it's YOU.
-- 8th of 7, May 17 2010

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