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Binary is pretty useful, when you think about it. So too are passwords. I have been thinking of a binary password peripheral that you attach to your computer, and when you need to enter your password, you would have to enter it by a series of switches, or perhaps a set of keys that you put into the control.

The number of possible switch combinations would have to be huge, thus confusing somebody who does not know the sequences. Some may have the problem of remembering the sequences, but this could be overcome with a simple understanding of how binary works and making the code something simple, such as the first five digits in the Fibonacci sequence, the one hundreth prime number, or perhaps your dogs name in braille (the peripheral would be arranged in a set of two lines going down vertically, making this possible).

Perhaps a complex answer for a simple problem, but there's always a market for the excessively paranoid or people who love novelty peices of technology.
-- froglet, Aug 11 2006

Peripherals are generally bad, unless done very cleverly, because they're vulnerable to snooping and logging.
-- hippo, Aug 11 2006

Wouldn't it be easy to look over your shoulder and see what your password was?
-- ldischler, Aug 11 2006

Perhaps an automatic function of the thing would be to immediately go to neutral after two 'letters'?
-- froglet, Aug 11 2006

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