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Something tells me this isn't going to be as popular as Panic PIN

The major perceived problem with PIN entry is that fiendish devices such as cameras and eyes can see you typing in the number number. Banks - as well as other quaint institutions such as governments - think the way forward is for us to identify ourselves with biometric checks such as thumbprints or iris scans.

These biometric cashpoints seem to be a long time coming. "What are we to do in the meantime, to safeguard our hard-won meagrenesses?" I hear you ask. Well, I shall tell you, my hypothetical children.

The Biometric PIN Presser will be a box-like device which fits over the numbernumberpad of a cashpoint. The user then activates the device with the biometric identifier chosen - probably a thumbprint. A presser (or pressers) on the underside will then type out your PIN, which you had of course programmed in whilst in the secure environment of your own home - or that of someone you trust. Support for multiple PINs will, of course, be included.

The problem of button differences between cashpoints can probably be worked out using some computer vision algorithm - it's relatively safe to assume that the buttons follow a standard layout, so the device need only locate the outline of each button.

Erm...that's it.
-- -alx, Aug 11 2004

An excellent idea. This idea (of combining PIN entry with biometrics) is patented by a company called Senselect. Basically it allows you to validate your identity to a higher level than either PIN or biometrics do separately by combining them.
-- hippo, Aug 11 2004

A less complex method would be to learn how to touch-type, and put your hand inside a box which sits over the number pad.
-- Ling, Aug 11 2004

//Support for multiple PINs will, of course, be included//

Yep, then ALL the people will have to get together to validate their PIN. Or: any guy can come in and say "Oh, Bill Gates wanted me to validate his and my new PIN. He's on a business trip." And the forger is easily rich. What if somebody like ME gets to be a rich guy? Then I'll go broke before I even buy my 1st Porsche! (-)
-- croissantz, Aug 21 2004

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