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Bipedular Tripodular Sprinting   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Basically, sprinting with two feet and three legs.

This isn't a race between Chinese chickens, it is normal sprinting with a technological adaptation.

If one has ever sprinted or has watched sprinting it is fairly obvious that a lot of energy is wasted by the sprinter on upward momentum when really the best use of energy is to move forwards. The problem is, however, if all their energy was used in moving forward, the sprinters would fall face first, which would make a very special olympics to watch indeed.

To prevent this face first falling and to maximize the runners forward moving efficiency they will be granted a third leg to use in all races. The "leg" will be a long shaft with a wheel at the end which makes contact with the ground.

It can be attached to the runner at a number of points on his body. A short leg can be placed at waist height, for a low running angle, with little upper body support. A slightly longer leg can be placed at chest height, just under the arms, for greater upper body support. Or finally, it can be attached to the runner's forehead via a suction cup.

A runner wearing this equipment will look very much similar to a three wheeled drag racer. However they will have the benefit of a greatly reduced running angle, and increased energy efficiency.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

(?) Sprinter
Sprinter with knee up and forward [robinism, Jan 28 2005]

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another way [FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2005]

Could cause chafing when the inner sides of the runners' legs brush the sides of the pole.

Could start a whole new track&field/gymnastics event, where runners roll up to top speed, then launch themselves up and over the wheel, for a stunning triple-flip dismount.
-- robinism, Jan 28 2005

Fair enough robinism, I suppose we will have to either put a bend in it, make it really narrow, make it so it is angled away from the body not to be struck by the knees, or tell the runner not to brush his legs against it.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

The thought occurs to me that maybe, given one of these, the best speed could be achieved by pushing against the ground with both feet, toes only. The kangaroo sprint.
-- Detly, Jan 28 2005

How would the pole be attached to the runner? It seems like it would need to be a broad attachment point, like a body brace, for the weight to be distributed comfortably, and for the attachment to maintain a rigid angle between the body and the pole. If the angle isn't rigid, then the runner still fall-down-go-boom.
-- robinism, Jan 28 2005

Can I just order the forehead suction cup?
-- zeno, Jan 28 2005

Oh, and if the "runner" brings his knee up, can that energy be transfered to the wheel adding to the speed?
-- zeno, Jan 28 2005

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