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Birthdayee-Friendly Song   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
So the guest of the honor isn't left out.

It happens every year. They all sing, as the birthdayperson stares apprehensively at the cake, candles, and assembled cameras. They should sing too!
Thus I recommend:
'Happy birthday _today_.' Or 'party,' if desired. Thanks.
::It's my birthday today! Whooo! Thirteen on the thirteenth. Hooray.::
-- watermelancholy, Aug 13 2002

//as the birthdayperson stares apprehensively at the cake, candles, and assembled cameras//

The whole point of the whole ordeal is the horrified look on said birthdayee's face. Hence the popularity of singy-birthday restaurant outings.

Happy birthday, btw...
-- polartomato, Aug 13 2002

Thanks, [polar]. Makes for lousy snapshots taunted by family for years to come. And [UB], they paid good money to have the stripper crouch inside, you could show some appreciation! Oh, you boys and your tennis-racquets...
-- watermelancholy, Aug 13 2002

I just had a birthday too. My parents always used to come into my room early in the morning and sing happy birthday, they still do it, but on the phone now, in unison....even though I'm thir....thirr...thirt, um, not thirteen. This time I heard it through my cellphone in the middle of town, boy does it bring back memories.
-- Helium, Aug 13 2002

Those tears through the keypad can really short out a phone fast.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 13 2002

Happy Birthday in Korean according to Babel Fish:
In you in birthday you who are happy the birthday when it is happy in birthday you who are happy the ear the important thumb wax-su the birthday when it is happy
-- thumbwax, Aug 13 2002

Happy Birthday! I actually tried to sing on my birthday once, but my parents got upset.
-- BinaryCookies, Aug 13 2002

Get yourself a mouthful of DonQ or Bacardi 151 before you blow out (up) the candles... Next year, you won't have to worry about a flaming cake being held in your face. Oh, sorry, you still have a few more years to go, melon. Happy birthday!
-- Mr Burns, Aug 13 2002

When I was in Siberia (God I just get a kick out of saying that), the Russians had this totally psychadelic birthday song that talked about huge elephants in Africa and how their tails touched the sky. Wish I could remember how it went.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 13 2002

It violently disturbs me that I have a vote AGAINST my having a birthday. it doesn't suprise me at all, though. And after I sing [Mephista]'s song-- thanks for the advice, by the way-- I intend to launch into a theatrical scene a la 'A West Side Story,' closing with the finale of "Gee, these presents are suck-y! PU!" If I can get the support of the waitstaff, better yet.
-- watermelancholy, Aug 13 2002

Where's the autoroller when you need it?
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 13 2002

another HB at the HB...good one waterm, I'm a "13th" baby too (but not August).
-- Susen, Aug 13 2002

Thank you, HB!
My father was considering ordering me a shiny new Dell complete with flat screen, Pentium 4 processor, DVD player, CD writer, and tons o' SDRAM. But he wanted proof that it'd be worhwhile. So I showed him the bakery, and won him over.
Would it be the first time there's been a parent and child on HB?
-- watermelancholy, Aug 13 2002

I'd love to claim that negative vote, but that would be dishonest of me.

Bah birthday humbug.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 14 2002

Dude! You're getting a Dell!
-- thumbwax, Aug 14 2002

I think gizmo and gizmo mum beat you too it watermelacholy (is there a shorter version of the name we can use?)... happy birthday anyway... of course the halfbakery birthdays are far more important (which probably explains why I missed mine...)

I would mention that its my 17th birthday tomorrow but then you might all try to make me sing which would be horrible for all involved...
-- RobertKidney, Aug 14 2002

The korean post inspired me:

translated to japanese and back to english:

You question with the birthday め which you question with the birthday め which is questioned to your birthday め which is questioned with your birthday め question with your birthday め.

English to German to English:

Warmest greetings. Warmest greetings. Warmest greetings, warmest greetings. Warmest greetings.

English to japanese to english to korean to english:

In your birth work which spreads out at your birthday. It questions at extensive your birthday. It questions, you it asks at your your birthday. Question it asks at extensive your birthday.

English to japanese to english to korean to english to german to french to italian to english to chinese to english to japanese to english to portugese to english:

Thus to the exception of its to extend its happy work to support of the day of commemoration. How much for the that one you it placed the argument and its day of commemoration of the width. You ask for that one, and that its day of commemoration requires those. How much for the this order of the question width he surrounds its day of commemoration, is mainly.

Every year I like to celebrate its day of commemoration of the width.

I'd like to see my family sing that last one.
-- jim333, Oct 24 2002

Not looking like your characters worked out too well there, [jim333].
-- bristolz, Oct 24 2002

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